2020-21 TOP 100 Rankings Part 2/2

51. Providence Friars


PG: Jared Bynum

SG: David Duke

SF: A.J. Reeves

PF: Greg Gantt

C: Nate Watson

Bench: Noah Horchler (North Florida), Brycen Goodine (Syracuse), Jimmy Nichols Jr

Additions: Jared Bynum (St Joe’s), Noah Horchler (North Florida), Jimmy Nichols Jr, Brycen Goodine (Syracuse)

Providence fans don’t freak out as 51 is a fair spot with the questions there is regarding this squad. Reeves is a guy a lot of people are high on but he had a bad sophomore season. He averaged 9.8 points per game, shot 8.2% from three but took a big step back his Sophomore Season to only 7.8 PPG, 34.2% from three I think he’s a high upside guy but we need to see it first. Duke is by far the best player on this team, he averaged 12.4 points per game last season and shot 42% from-the-field, had a 3.6 DBPM so he can do a lot. When you bring in 3 transfers like Bynum, Horchler, Goodine while all are good players, Bynum and Horchler will play the big roles. Horchler is a big-time scorer who had 16 PPG and can hit some three’s but that’s not his strengths he’s better inside and at the mid-range level. Nate Watson is 6’10 and very strong but fouls have plagued him in his career and defense in general, That’s something if he improves upon he can be really good. The Friars are looking for another bid to the Big Dance this season

52. Colorado Buffaloes


PG: McKinley Wright IV

SG: Dominique Clifford

SF: D’Shawn Schwartz

PF: Jeriah Horne (Tulsa)

C: Evan Battey

Bench: Maddox Daniels, Eli Parquet, Alexander Strating, Jabari Walker, Luke O’Brien, Tristan Da Silva, Keeshawn Barthelemy

Additions: Jeriah Horne (Tulsa), Dominique Clifford, Luke O’Brien, Jabari Walker, Tristan Da Silva

Departures: Tyler Bey, Daylen Kountz (Northern Colorado), Lucas Siewart, Shane Gatling

Tad Boyle received tremendous news a few weeks back as McKinley Wright IV announced he’s back for the 2020-21 season which was exactly what was needed after losing Tyler Bey. Wright is as good as they come had 14/5/5 last season and is just a great playmaker and scorer, solid defender he’s everything you want in a guard that doesn’t have top-tier athleticism or deep-range shooting. D’Shawn Schwartz highlight moment hitting a game-winner against Dayton in Chicago last season, one of the Flyers two losses. He’s a good shooter and solid defender that’s just what he does and he’s great in his role. Jeriah Horne onto his third school (Fun Fact: not relevant to his skill at all, but we have the same Birthday so that’s pretty cool). Evan Battey is big and strong, he’s a solid defender but not quick at all but is a solid defender although he can get beat on ball-screens. The bench is interesting but has upside, Maddox Daniels was a really good shooter in JUCO, and was solid again this season but would like to see him play more, 38.2% from deep last season. The rest of the bench is mostly question marks, but Tad Boyle has a bubble team on his hands.

53. Virginia Tech Hokies

PG: Wabissa Bede

SG: Jalen Cone

SF: Hunter Catoor

PF: Tyrece Radford

C: Justyn Mutts (Delaware)

Bench: Cartier Diarra (Kansas State), Nayheim Alleyene, Cordell Pemsl (Iowa), Joe Bamisile, Darius Maddox, David N’Guessan

Additions: Cartier Diarra (Kansas State), Cordell Pemsl (Iowa), Justyn Mutts (Delaware), Joe Bamisile, Darius Maddox, David N’Guessan

Departures: Landers Nolley II

Look, even though the Hokies lost their leading scorer in Nolley, they are better off for it. Nolley is a very talented player but they used him wrong, he should never be a super his usage guard, he’s a wing/4-man, that’s his real talent level. This is the most Mike Young team you’ll find though, loaded with talent shooters with Cone, Catoor, Bamisile, and Maddox all being very good shooters. Mike Young’s recent most winningest team at Wofford had elite shooters in Fletcher Magee, Storm Murphy, Nathan Hoover, and Trevor Stumpe, that team was a #7 seed in the NCAA Tournament and lost to Kentucky in the Round of 32. Bede is a very solid player but is a flat-out bad scorer, but I think he still starts over Kansas State grad, Cartier Diarra. The former Wildcat guard really improved last season but I think he profiles best on this team as a Sixth Man. Jalen Cone and Hunter Catoor are 2 of the better shooters in the country, paired at the 2 and 3, just get the ball to them and they’ll knock some deep ones down. The bigs are the biggest questions for this team, but adding 2 good grads in Justyn Mutts from Delaware and Cordell Pemsl from Iowa definitely will help that. The Hokies will try not to falter this season like this past.

54. Oklahoma Sooners


PG: De’Vion Harmon

SG: Austin Reeves

SF: Alondes Williams

PF: Kur Kuath

C: Brady Manek

Bench: Trey Phipps, Jalen Hill, Victor Iwaukor, Rick Issanza

Additions: Trey Phipps

Deprtures: Kristian Doolittle, Jamal Bienemy (UTEP)

Losing Kristian Doolittle is a big blow, they added multiple talented transfers but they have to sit this season due to NCAA Transfer Rules. Austin Reeves was weirdly terrible this season, he had a huge 40 Point outburst against TCU but his efficiency was awful, he shot 38% from-the-field, and 25% from deep, that’s not near his talent level, he’s a talented scorer it’s evident but needs to put it together. De’Vion Harmon and Alondes Williams are the biggest keys to what this team could be. Obviously they have Brady Manek who’s about s consistent as it gets. He’s a really good stretch big elite shooter, serviceable defender. I’m not sure Sooners fans should feel very confident about being a Tournament Squad this season.

55. Cincinnati Bearcats


PG: Zach Harvey

SG: Mika Adams-Woods

SF: Keith Williams

PF: Rapolas Ivanauskas (Colgate)

C: Chris Vogt

Bench: Tari Eason, Mamadou Diarra, Jeremiah Davenport, Vikor Lahkin, Mike Saunders Jr, Gabe Madsen, Mason Madsen

Additions: Tari Eason, Rapolas Ivanauskas (Colgate) Viktor Lahkin, Mike Saunders Jr, Gabe Madsen, Mason Madsen

Departures: Tre Scott, Jaevin Cumberland, Jarron Cumberland

Losing all-time UC great, Jarron Cumberland is something that John Brannen has to deal with. Now Sophomore, Zach Harvey had a very bad Freshman Season and will be throw-in into a large role but he’s a Top-50 recruit who’s a super talented scorer. Adding a transfer in Rapolas Ivanauskas who started his career at NW then transferred to Colgate where he had a very successful career then opted to leave for Cincy. Vogt is over 7-feet tall and has talent but still a bit of development to go. He doesn’t really play at that 7’1 frame all the time but if he’s more consistent he can be really good. Tari Eason is a Four-Star recruit he’s a combo forward but more of a four-man than a wing, but he can be a large piece. David DeJulius is a transfer from Michigan who John Brannen told Jon Rothstein of CBSSports that he’s trying to get a waiver for him. Do I think he gets it? No, that’s why he’s not listed for me. I think he was looking ahead and assuming Michigan added Josh Christopher, they didn’t he still transferred so I’m not sure he can say he was pushed out, he likely would’ve been welcomed back so I don’t see a waiver on his future. The Bearcats will be back on the bubble as they were this past season.

56. BYU Cougars


PG: Brandon Averette (Utah Valley)

SG: Alex Barcello

SF: Connor Harding

PF: Kolby Lee

C: Matt Haarms (Purdue)

Bench: Caleb Lohner, Jesse Wade, Gavin Baxter, Wyatt Lowell, Gideon George, Spencer Johnson

Additions: Brandon Averette (Utah Valley) Matt Haarms (Purdue), Caleb Lohner, Spencer Johnson

Departures: T.J. Haws, Jake Toolson, Yoeli Childs, Dalton Nixon

Last season was a magical season for Mark Pope, this team could’ve made a sneaky final four run without a doubt, the best three-point shooting squad in College Hoops. Barcello is a potential star in College Hoops, started his career at Arizona but was really solid last season, shot 48% from deep while scoring 48.3% from three now without Haws and Toolson he’ll have ample opportunity. Adding a guy like Matt Haarms from Purdue is a big get, I don’t think he’s as good as some are making him out to be, he just never took that next step in at Purdue, he wants to be something he’s not he wants to be a guy who can knock down a bunch of three’s but when you’re 7’3 just post up and use that soft touch with the left hand. He’s a very good defender I just think offensively he needs to find his identity. At the Wing having another elite shooter like Harding is huge, he shot 44.2% from three last season. The Bench is interesting but Caleb Lohner is a big name recruit who was committed to Utah, de-committed, and headed to BYU, that’s a big guy to get to flip to the Cougs. Mark Pope’s squad will have to prove themselves this season to see if they are a Tournament squad.

57. Marquette Golden Eagles


PG: D.J. Carton (Ohio State)

SG: Koby McEwen

SF: Jamal Cain

PF: Theo John

C: Dawson Garcia

Bench: Greg Elliott, Symir Torrence, Dexter Akanno, Justin Lewis, Ike Eke

Additions: D.J. Carton (Ohio State), Dawson Garcia, Justin Lewis

Departures: Markus Howard, Brendan Bailey, Jayce Johnson, Sacar Anim

Losing all-time great, Big East all-time leading scorer, Markus Howard is irreplaceable you can’t find another Markus Howard but you can add a star in D.J. Carton to replace him. Carton decided to take a break from playing Basketball during last season citing Mental Health issues, which is a very admirable and justifiable choice by Carton and that is likely what earned him a waiver at Marquette. Carton averaged 10 points per game last season while shooting 47% from-the-field, 40% from three, he had real 50-40-90 potential. He’s a really good defender too with incredible upside. McEwen had a weird season, he’s definitely talented but only shot 33.2% from-the-field, which simply is terrible. He was way better than that at Utah State, he was just wildly inconsistent he needs to make sure he stays at the number two scorer on the squad and doesn’t try to do too much. Replacing Brendan Bailey isn’t easy either, Jamal Cain is replacing him and is a nice 3-and-D player who just hasn’t really before this season had many opportunities, the talent is evident. With Theo John, you have a super lockdown defender, but he offers little to nothing on the offensive end, but he just offers so much on defense to where it doesn’t matter. Garcia is a top-40 recruit who was a McDonald’s All-American, he’s 6’11 and can make three’s consistently what’s not to love. Greg Elliott was an unsung hero on last seasons team, shot 41% from three and offers solid defense he will play a big bench role for this squad. This could be Wojo’s last chance at Marquette.

58. Utah State Aggies


PG: Marco Anthony

SG: Brock Miller

SF: Alphonso Anderson

PF: Justin Bean

C: Neemias Queta

Bench: Sean Bairstow, Cade Potter, Jacub Karnowski, Liam McChesney, Max Shulga, Szymon Zapala, Zadir Vedischev, Rollie Worster

Additions: Marco Anthony (Virginia), Max Shulga, Szymon Zapala, Zadir Vedischev, Rollie Worster

Departures: Sam Merill, Abel Porter (Ohio State)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times it’s borderline impossible to defend both Justin Bean and Neemias Queta. Both are very talented scorers and defenders, Bean seems to have started working on his jumper which could be extremely huge. The biggest X-Factor is Marco Anthony, a Virginia transfer who hasn’t played much but has a ring. He will be a huge piece for this squad.

59. Minnesota Golden Gophers


PG: Marcus Carr

SG: Both Gach (Utah)

SF: Gabe Kalscheur

PF: Isaiah Ihnen

C: Liam Robbins (Drake)

Bench: Martice Mitchell, Tre’ Williams, Jarvis Omersa, Brandon Johnson Jr (Western Michigan), Jamal Mashburn Jr, Eric Curry

Additions: Liam Robbins (Drake), Both Gach (Utah), Jamal Mashburn Jr, Brandon Johnson Jr (Western Michigan)

Minnesota received substantial news this week that Liam Robbins, transfer from Drake has received a waiver to play immediately this season. He’s a 7-Foot big, who has a high upside and can play a large role on this squad in the upcoming season. He’s a good defender though personally, I’d like to see him become more of a diverse scorer. Another big name transfer is Both Gach from Utah, he’s yet to receive his waiver and he almost certainly will. He’s the kind of player that should be far better than he is, Gach had an abysmal -1.9 BPM last season which simply cannot happen for a player with his intangibles. You also return star guard in Marcus Carr. The now Junior guard averaged 16 points, and 5 assists per game last season while sporting a 4.5 BPM for Richard Pitino last season. The biggest key to this team to me in Isaiah Ihnen, a 6’9 combo forward from Germany although I like him more as a 4-man rather than a wing guy, elite athlete who knock down tons of three’s 37% clip last season. The Gophers’ could be a tournament squad in 2020-21.

60. Boston College Eagles


PG: Jay Heath

SG: Wynston Tabbs

SF: C.J. Felder

PF: Steffon Mitchell

C: James Karnik (Lehigh)

Bench: Rich Kelly (Quinnipiac) Fred Scott (Rider), DeMarr Langford, Makai Ashton-Langford (Providence), Andre Adams (Southern Utah)

Additions: Rich Kelly (Quinnipiac), James Karnik (Lehigh), Makai Ashton-Langford (Providence), DeMarr Langford, Andre Adams (Southern Utah)

Departures: Derryck Thornton, Nik Popovic, Julian Rishwain (San Francisco), Jarius Hamilton (Maryland), Julian Hamilton, Chris Herren jr (San Diego)

A bunch of players I and out of Chestnut Hill this season, I think they added a lot more than they lost. With Jay Heath you have a great young talent, he averaged 13.1 points per game, while shooting 37.6% from three that’s very good for a Freshman. In Tabbs Freshman season he also averaged 13 points per game but he didn’t play in 2019-20 he shot 43.1% from the field. Steffon Mitchell is the most underappreciated [player in the nation, he averaged 7.9 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game playing elite defense, he’s a great player who is the best glue guy in the country. They gain a big group of transfers with Kelly, Karnik, Adams you get guys who each do a lot of different things, Kelly had 16.7 points per game at Quinnipiac and went 39% from-the-field. Jim Christian has had an extremely bad tenure at BC, while developing NBA level talent, in Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman… If this team can’t win at least 18 games, they will move on from Christian.

61. Utah Utes


PG: Rylan Jones

SG: Ian Martinez

SF: Riley Battin

PF: Timmy Allen

C: Branden Carlson

Bench: Jaxon Brenchley, Alphonso Plummer, Mikael Jantunen, Lahat Thioune, Pelle Larsson

Additions: Ian Martinez, Pelle Larsson

Departures: Both Gach (Minnesota), Matthew Van Komen (St Mary’s)

This team was due to return everyone including Both Gach and Matthew Van Komen, both opted to transfer which is tough for the Utes, Gach did struggle last season though. At the one spot, having Rylan Jones he’s a good player, a really good shooter at 38.6% from deep, and a good facilitator but a liability on defense. Ian Martinez is a top-100 recruit and a big get for Coach Krystkowiak. I’m slightly unsure how they plan on assembling this lineup, neither Battin or Allen are wings, Plummer is too small to be a wing, as Martinez is. I have Battin there currently but that’s subject to change. Allen is a super high usage guy who was good but pretty inefficient at times, 44% overall is pretty good but 21% from deep is really bad. Branden Carlson is a guy who I’ve been banging the drum for repeatedly he has such sky-high defensive potential. He had 8 blocks against Stanford this year and I think he’s a guy who can easily block 3 shots-a-game. Will the Utes contend for an NCAA bid? Possible but I’m not overly confident.

62. Purdue Boilermakers


PG: Eric Hunter Jr

SG: Ethan Morton

SF: Sasha Stefanovich

PF: Aaron Wheeler

C: Trevion Williams

Bench: Mason Gillis, Emmanuel Dowuona, Brandon Newman, Zach Edey, Carson Barrett

Additions: Mason Gillis, Zach Edey, Carson Barett

Departures: Jahaad Proctor, Nojel Eastern (Howard), Matt Haarms (BYU), Evan Boudreaux

They lose Proctor who turned it on late in the season, Matt Haarms who’s a 7’3 player who wants to be a 6’1 guard, Nojel Eastern who’s an elite defender. Eric Hunter Jr is weirdly never talked about but he is a very talented, 6’4 combo guard who averaged 10 points per game, 35% from deep, and a good defender he could be an All-B1G guy. Stefanovic has an NBA future, he’s a 3-and-D guy who shot 38% from deep last season, that’s super ideal. I’m not sure what happened to Aaron Wheeler on offense this season, but I’m not a fan of it… only 25% from-the-field, 21% from deep but a great defender still but that’s just concerning regression. Wheeler has a smooth jumper too it just wasn’t going down this year. Trevion Williams is borderline impossible to stop down low he’s 6’9″ and 270 pounds and is so strong he’s been great when he gets the chance, defense is an issue at times due to being kind of slow but he’s very good. The bench is my biggest issue, just not a ton of proven depth and that could be a problem. The Boilermakers are back on the bubble.

63. Butler Bulldogs


PG: Aaron Thompson

SG: Jair Bolden (South Carolina)

SF: Christian David

PF: Bryce Nze

C: Bryce Golden

Bench: Bo Hodges (ETSU), Myles Wilmoth, JaKobe Coles, Carlos Johnson, Markese Hastings

Additions: Bo Hodges (ETSU), Jair Bolden (South Carolina), Myles Wilmoth, JaKobe Coles, Carlos Johnson

Departures: Kamar Baldwin, Sean McDermott, Derrik Smits, Khalif Battle (Temple), Henry Baddley

The Bulldogs had one of their best seasons since the Gordon Hayward, Shelvin Mack, Matt Howard days unfortunately, there was no tournament, Kamar Baldwin and Sean McDermott were great but both graduated now which is tough to replace. Thompson is a good defender and very good at getting to the rack but is not even a half-decent shooter, straight up a bad shooter at 7% last season, 59% from the charity stripe. Nze had a very good season and became a very good player averaged 9.2 points, 6.6 rebounds per game, on 62% shooting from-the-field, he could be the best player on this team. Bryce Golden is a good offensive player but defense can be a concern at times which is what he needs to improve upon. Bo Hodges is a big name transfer from ETSU a big 6’5 guard who is good at the hoop but isn’t a shooter. The issue for this team is 3-point shooting, they don’t have anyone who’s a very good shooter.

64. San Diego State Aztecs


PG: Terrell Gomez (Cal State Northridge)

SG: Jordan Schackel

SF: Matt Mitchell

PF: Che Evans

C: Nathan Mensah

Bench: Keith Dinwiddie, Joshua Tomaic (Maryland), Aguak Arop, Trey Pulliam, Lamont Butler

Additions: Che Evans, Terrell Gomez (Cal State Northridge), Joshua Tomaic (Maryland), Lamont Butler

Departures: Malachi Flynn, Joel Mensah (James Madison), K.J. Feagin, Yanni Wetzell

In what was a magical season for the Aztecs it was all for not after going 30-2 due to the season being canceled. They lose their 2 best players in Malachi Flynn, Yanni Wetzell, which is going to be tough to replace, Flynn was an All-American. They add Terrell Gomez from the transfer portal he’s an elite shooter but 5’8 and a bad defender at the Big West level so at the MWC level it’ll be an issue. Schakel is one of the best shooters in the country shot 40% from deep last year and he plays his role greatly. Matt Mitchell became a great player after 2 below-average seasons, great defense, and a really talented scorer who shot 39% from three, can he be a star? that’s the biggest question. The Aztecs will have to prove themselves once again this year.

65. UNC Greensboro Spartans


PG: Isaiah Miller

SG: Kaleb Hunter

SF: Keyshaun Langley

PF: Angelo Allegri

C: Hayden Koval (Central Arkansas)

Bench: Kobe Langley, Jarrett Hensley, Khyre Thompson, Michael Huiett Jr

Additions: Jarrett Hensley, Hayden Koval (Central Arkansas)

Departures: James Dickey, Malik Massey, Kyrin Galloway

When you have a talent like Isaiah Miller you’ll be regarded as one of the best Mid-Major’s there is and that’s exactly what UNCG is regarded as in my eyes. Miller is an elite defender who’s a very talented scorer but struggles shooting from deep and the line, that’s a big issue but I think he can at least improve to 30% from three, still not that good but improvement, he’s a top tier talent though. The next in line to be a star for the Spartans is lefty guard, Kaleb Hunter. When Francis Alonso left he passed the torch to Miller when Miller is gone after the season it’ll be Hunter’s turn but on this team, he still will play a huge role very efficiently from-the-field at 51% but 30% from deep should be improved upon. Keyshaun Langley adds a different dimension for this squad, they lack shooting, he shot 39% from three last season while providing really good defense, he also has a bright future. Koval will play a huge role he’s a 7 Foot player who shot 32% from deep last season, that plays and he will be very good. Jarrett Hensley is a four-star recruit who held offers from LSU and UNLV but chose UNCG that’s huge for a Mid-Major league team. It will be a bounce-back season for Wes Miller.

66. North Carolina State Wolfpack


PG: Devon Daniels

SG: Thomas Allen (Nebraska)

SF: Jericole Hellems

PF: Manny Bates

C: D.J. Funderburk

Bench: Cam Hayes, Nick Farrar, Ebenezer Dowouna, Shakeel Moore, Jaylon Gibson

Additions: Thomas Allen (Nebraska), Cam Hayes, Nick Farrar, Ebenezer Dowouna, Shakeel Moore, Jaylon Gibson

Departures: Markell Johnson, C.J. Bryce, Pat Andree

Kevin Keatts has had a rough past 2 seasons as coach of the Wolfpack, they just missed out on an NCAA Tournament Bid in 2018-19, wouldn’t have made it this season and they lose their best player in Markell Johnson. Daniels is a strong 6’5 guard who shot 47% from-the-field, and 32% from deep while playing good defense he’s a very good player but he is what he is at this pint and doesn’t have much more of an upside and that’s fine, he’s very good he’s just not a star. Transfer from Nebraska, Thomas Allen sat out last season but averaged 8.7 points per game and shot 49% from-the-field, 36% from three in 2018-19, and is a very talented scoring guard. You can’t find many more elite defenders than Manny bates he’s so talented 6’11 big who is a fine scorer but elite defense? that works. Funderburk is more of an offensive-minded big but as a duo with Bates that is a good duo that will be tough to compete with. Kevin Keatts looks to be in a rough spot to try getting this squad in the tournament.

67. Loyola Chicago Ramblers


PG: Keith Clemons

SG: Lucas Williamson

SF: Tate Hall

PF: Aher Uguak

C: Cameron Krutwig

Bench: Paxson Wojcik, Marquise Kennedy, Baylor Herb, Jacob Hutsen

Additions: Baylor Herb, Jacob Hutsen


Porter Moser may have his best squad since the Final Four run of a few years back. Returning star, Cameron Krutwig who’s a solid defender but does his big-time work down low, he’s 6’9 255 and is just super big and strong with his left hand. Tough to stop due to his strength and gets to the line a ton, he also has a great passing vision for a big. You have an elite shooter in guard, Keith Clemons. He shot 45% from three last season and is very good in that role, he’s not your prototypical lead guard, but with how much of the offense running through Krutwig they don’t need that. Tate Hall is a very good secondary scorer, he averaged 12.2 points per game while shooting 42% from deep, entering his Redshirt Sophomore season he looks to continue to improve. The bench isn’t stacked but Kennedy is a good sixth man, adding two good Freshmen like Hutson and Herb who will play quite a bit.

68. California Golden Bears

PG: Ryan Betley (Penn)

SG: Matt Bradley

SF: Grant Anticevich

PF: Andre Kelley

C: Lars Thiemann

Bench: Makale Foreman (Stony Brown), Joel Brown, Kuany Kuany, D.J. Thorpe, Monty Bowser

Additions: Ryan Betley (Penn), Makale Foreman (Stony Brook), Monty Bowser

Departures: Paris Austin, Juhwan Harris-Dyson, Jacobi Gordon, Kareem South

Look, I know the Golden Bears haven’t been even a half-decent program recently but this is a talented squad. When you have an All-conference player like Matt Bradley anything is possible, he is super strong for a guard and he’s a great shooter at 38% last season, the defense is an issue though. Adding two-guard transfer in Betley and Foreman gives you options, neither are really true one guards, but I think Betley can start at that role, elite shooter though. Same deal with Foreman, he shot 36% from deep also last season and is at his third school. A breakout candidate is Anticevich, the defense is far from where it needs to be but scoring was solid last season, really proved to be a good shooter. Another breakout is Lars Thiemann he has the tools to be an awesome College player, he’s a 7 footer and a good defender but the offense isn’t there yet hopefully he tried to add onto that. On the bench, Joel Brown was a big-time player in Canada and has a super-high upside. Can Mark Fox lead the Golden Bears to the Big Dance?

69. Furman Paladins


PG: Alex Hunter

SG: Mike Bothell

SF: Jalen Slawson

PF: Clay Mounce

C: Noah Gurley

Bench: Jaylon Pugh, Marcus Foster, Colin Kenney, Garrett Hien, Joe Anderson

Additions: Joe Anderson, Garrett Hein

Departures: Tre Clark, Jordan Lyons

The Paladins lose their best scorer in Lyons but return a solid group of players. Bothwell, Mounce, Gurley are all very talented player who plays big roles on this team this past season and this season, they won 26 games last season and now Bothwell will be looked at as the go-to scorer, can’t sleep on Mounce and Gurley as both can score inside and outside. This squad is my #2 SOCON squad and will be very competitive.

70. San Francisco Dons


PG: Jamaryee Bouyea

SG: Khalil Shabazz

SF: Julian Rishwain (Boston College)

PF: Taavi Jurkatamm

C: Josh Kunen

Bench: Damari Milstead (Grand Canyon), Isaiah Hawthorne, Jonas Visser, Trevante Anderson

Additions: Damari Milstead (Grand Canyon), Julian Rishwain (Boston College)

Departures: Jordan Rahtino, Jimbo Lull, Charles Minlend Jr (Louisville) Rem Raitinen

The Dons just looking at what they lost, they lose 5 valuable players but Rahtino really struggled last season, Minlend was up-and-down, Lull struggled with fouls often. The guard duo of Bouyea and Shabazz is top-notch and one of the best in the country. They both can score, Bouyea has great handles and is super quick to the basket. Rishwain is a guy who was a 3-star recruit who headed to BC but opted to leave following the season, back home to California, he should receive a waiver. I like a breakout for Josh Kunen, very skilled lefty big from Australia should play a big role for this squad replacing Lull, the super high upside on Kunen. Another key transfer is Milstead, he had 10 a game 2 seasons ago for Grand Canyon. The Dons are the third-best WCC team behind Gonzaga and BYU.

71. Penn State Nittany Lions


PG: Jamari Wheeler

SG: Myeron Jones

SF: Myles Dread

PF: Seth Lundy

C: John Harrar

Bench: Izaiah Brockington, DJ Gordon, Caleb Dorsey, Dallion Johnson

Additions: DJ Gordon, Caleb Dorsey, Daillion Johnson

Departures: Mike Watkins, Lamar Stevens, Curtis Jones Jr

This team is one I had trouble placing, I very much like Wheeler, Jones, Dread, Lundy but they are very depleted down low after losing Stevens and Watkins. John Harrar hasn’t been more than a bench big but now he’ll be forced to start which is interesting. The bench is an issue too being with Brockington having been the only [player with any collegiate experience. Seth Lundy looks poised to be a potential star as is Myreon Jones, the sky is the limit if they live up to their ceiling.

72. Wake Forest Demon Deacons


PG: Daivien Williamson (ETSU)

SG: Ismael Massoud

SF: Jalen Johnson (Tennessee)

PF: Isaiah Mucius

C: Ody Oguama

Bench: Jacobi Neath, Ian DuBose (Houston Baptist), Jonah Antonio (UNLV), Isaiah Wilkins (Virginia Tech) Sunday Okeke, Emmanuel Okpomo

Additions: Daivien Williamson (ETSU), Jalen Johnson, Ian DuBose (Houston Baptist), Jonah Antonio (UNLV), Emmanuel Okpomo

Departures: Brandon Childress, Chaundee Brown (Michigan), Olivier Sarr (Kentucky), Michael Wynn (Akron), Sharone Wright Jr

They made the decision to fire Danny Manning in the middle of a pandemic which was interesting, but they made the great move-in hiring East Tennessee State lead man, Steve Forbes. Along with adding Forbes, they added point guard, Daivien Williamson who was with Forbes at ETSU, but he’s also from Winston-Salem so he will get a waiver, Jalen Johnson was committed to ETSU but flipped to Wake after Forbes made the move. Ismael Massoud as sky-high potential, he’s a 6’8 shooter with a perfect stroke from three. Another guy who’s seen as a high ceiling guy is Isaiah Mucius good defender but would like to see him be a bit better on offense. Then add a few more transfers with DuBose, Antonio, Wilkins. DuBose averaged 19.3 points per game at Houston Baptist but isn’t a good shooter, Antonio has been known as a good shooter and is now at his fourth school, third D-1 school, Mount St Mary’s, JUCO, UNLV, Wake Forest, Antonio hasn’t been that elite shooter at any point but seems to have the ability. It’s going to be interesting to see how Steve Forbes handles things in Season 1.

74. St John’s Red Storm


PG: Rasheem Dunn

SG: Vince Cole

SF: Julian Champagnie

PF: Marcellus Earlington

C: Josh Roberts

Bench: Posh Alexander, Dylan Wusu, Arnaldo Toro (George Washington), Isaih Moore, Greg Williams Jr, David Caraher, Damien Sears

Additions: Posh Alexander, Dylan Wusu, Arnaldo Toro (George Washington), Isaih Moore, Vince Cole

Departures: L.J. Figeroua (Oregon), Mustapha Heron, Ian Steere, Nick Rutherford

It’s was a tough past season for the Red Storm, Heron was hurt often and struggled, as was Figueroa and then L.J. transferred to Oregon. In Mike Anderson’s system. Dunn the transfer from Cleveland State had is the first season for the Red Storm last season, averaging 11.9 points per game and shot 37% from-the-field, and 22% from deep which is pretty brutal but he’s good in Mike Anderson’s press on defense. A big get is Cole who’s a very talented JUCO scorer. The Sophomore Wing, Julian Champagnie looks to be a future star in College Hoops, had 9.9 PPG last season shot 45% from-the-field, 31% from three with good defense. Earlington also had 9 PPG while shooing 46% from-the-field but isn’t there as a shooter. Roberts is also a great defender but definitely below average on offense. Off the bench, Caraher didn’t play a ton last season but in 2017-18 at Houston Baptist, he averaged 15.7 points per game, which shows the ability is there. The Red Storm will be in a rough spot in terms of making the tournament once again.

75. UCF Knights


PG: Darius Perry (Louisville)

SG: Brandon Mahan

SF: Darin Green Jr

PF: C.J. Walker (Oregon)

C: Collin Smith

Bench: Sean Mobley, Moses Bol, Torry Johnson Jr, Jamile Reynolds, Ibrahim Famouke Doumbia, Avery Diggs

Additions: Darius Perry (Louisville), C.J. Walker (Oregon), Jamile Reynolds

Departures: Dazon Ingram, Matt Milon, Caesar DeJesus, Dre Fuller Jr

Adding an experienced grad transfer guard like Darius Perry from Louisville who is exactly what a team like UCF could use. He’s a very good shooter at 38%, can run some offense, and play good defense he’ll be a potential All-AAC guy. Mahan played his first season for Johnny Dawkins squad this past one and had 7.5 PPG but only 42% from-the-field which is really weighed down with the 28% from three. A future star is Darin Green Jr who had 10.1 PPG while shooting 41% from deep he’s really talented and will showcase that this season. Adding a former five-star recruit in C.J. Walker from Oregon who wanted to go closer to his hometown being from Florida he’ll likely get a waiver and he’s an athletic beast he’s done some things athletically have never seen he has sky-high potential. Smith at the 5 has been a big piece for UCF the past few seasons he’s a really strong guy and a solid defender. The Knights try to re-join the Big Dance after not making it last year.

76. Rhode Island Rams

PG: Fatts Russell

SG: Jeremy Sheppard

SF: Antwan Walker (Georgetown)

PF: Jermaine Harris

C: Mahki Mitchell (Maryland)

Bench: Jalen Carry (Syracuse), Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland), Ileri Ayo-leye, Ishmael Leggett, D.J. Johnson

Additions: Antwan Walker (Georgetown), Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland), Jalen Carry (Syracuse), Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland)

Departures: Cyril Langevine, Jacob Toppin (Kentucky), Jeff Dowtin, Tyrese Martin (UConn), Mehki Long

I was extremely down on the Rams up until last week in which they received waivers for Carey and the Mitchell’s that changes things. Fatts Russell is a good player but he’s pretty severely overhyped it’s not to say he’s a bad player, he’s a good defender but not a good scorer in my opinion. Went from 22% from deep to 35% from deep but he just shoots the ball too much, pass it more. Sheppard hasn’t played since 2016-17 with East Carolina, but he can definitely score so we’ll see how that goes. Former Top-100 recruit Jermaine Harris hasn’t done too much in his career but is still a very high upside guy. Carey is also a former top 100 guy who played 2 seasons at Syracuse but didn’t play a ton and got hurt last season, he should be a future star in the A-10. The Mitchell twins are both big guys who will be very important for the Rams this season. David Cox tries to get his squad to the tournament for the first time during his tenure.

77. Ole Miss Rebels


PG: Devontae Shuler

SG: Austin Crowley

SF: Dimencio Vaughn (Rider)

PF: K.J. Buffen

C: Romello White (Arizona State)

Bench: Jarkel Joiner, Khadim Sy, Matthew Murrell, Shon Robinson, Antavion Collum

Additions: Matthew Murrell, Romello White (Arizona State)

Departures: Blake Hinson (Iowa State), Breein Tyree, Franco Miller Jr (FGCU), Carlos Curry, Bryce Williams (Oklahoma State)

The Rebels lose Breein Tyree who was spectacular last year in a lost season for Kermit Davis’ squad. With Devontae Shuler he’s a very good offensive player and defender who’s the lead guard for the team this season. Adding 2 high-level Graduate Transfers in Vaughn and White was huge, Vaughn had 48% from-the-floor-, 39% from deep, and averaging 12 points per game, he’s a very good offensive player who will definitely do it at this level too. When Romello White decided to leave Arizona State it was surprising but I think it was due to wanting to be a bigger part of an offense he can’t shoot at all but he has good touch down ow and is a solid defender. Buffin is a vastly improved player from his Freshman season, 50% from-the-field with 10 points per game and really good defense he’ll continue to improve this season. The deep SEC could land Ole Miss some upsets this season but I don’t see a tournament bid this season.

78. Pittsburgh Panthers


PG: Xavier Johnson

SG: Au’Diese Toney

SF: Justin Champagnie

PF: Noah Collier

C: Terrell Brown

Bench: William Jeffress Jr, Femi Odukale, Ithel Horton, John Hugley, Max Amaduson, Abdoul Karim Coulibaly

Additions: Noah Collier, Max Amaduson, William Jeffress Jr

Departures: Ryan Murphy, Trey McGowens (Nebraska), Eric Hamilton

Last season a huge disappointment was Xavier Johnson, he really had a bad Sophomore Season, He went from a 15.5 point per game average to an 11.7 point per game average, while declining from 41.5% from-the-field to 37.3% from-the-field, that’s a tough drop from one year to another. The most consistent scorer is probably Au’Diese Toney who had 9.5 points per game and shot 46.1 from-the-floor he’s a talented 6’6 guard. Then at the wing Champagnie, he had 12.7 points per game but only shot 42% that needs to improve a bit before he can be a reliable score. With Horton he’s a guy who had a spectacular season he broke out and did more than many had even envisioned for him, 13.2 PPG while shooting 40% from deep. Jeff Capel has his best squad at Pitt.

79. Murray State Racers


PG: Chico Carter Jr

SG: DaQuan Smith

SF: Tevin Brown

PF: K.J. Williams

C: Demond Robinson

Bench: Devin Gilmore, Matt Smith, Brion Whitley, Ja’Quese Kirby, Jackson Sivillis

Additions: Ja’Quese Kirby, Jackson Sivillis

Departures: Javeion Eaves

Another good season for the Racers who were seconds away from an NCAA Tournament bid but had their hearts broken at the last second by Belmont. They return their star Tevin Brown who averaged 19 points per game and shot 41% from deep last season. K.J. Williams is back again the 6’10 big can pick and pop and hit three’s and very good down low and improved immensely on defense last season he’s due for a big campaign. A guy who can really breakout is Demond Robinson, he is a 6’8 elite defender not much on offense yet but man can he really defend. Blocked 1.5 shots-a-game he will be an immense piece of this Racers squad during this campaign. Off-the-bench with Devin Gilmore, that’s a guy who can have a solid 15-20 minutes off the bench very consistent scorer for the Racers. Matt McMahon could have another tournament squad this season.

80. Auburn Tigers


PG: Sharife Cooper

SG: Devan Cambridge

SF: Allen Flanigan

PF: Jaylin Williams

C: J.T. Thor

Bench: Chris Moore, Dylan Cardwell, Babatunde Akingbola, Javon Franklin, Jamal Johnson

Additions: Sharife Cooper, J.T. Thor, Chris Moore, Dylan Cardwell

Departures: Samir Doughty, Austin Wiley, J’Von McCormack. Isaac Okoro, Anfernee McLemore, Danjel Puriofy

This team just lost so much, they lose their entire starting 5 and two key bench players. I could end up being very wrong on Auburn and I wouldn’t be shocked but I have to be cautious this team just got gutted after the season. They add an elite guard in Sharife Cooper but with him and the good recruits, Thor, Moore, Cardwell also included could be problematic having to need so much contribution from Freshman. The two players from last season’s rotation that are back are Cambridge and Flanigan. Neither played a huge role last season, I do think Cambridge has star potential but I need to see it first before I can feel even remotely confident about this team but for now, they are definitely on the outside looking in for the tournament in my eyes.

81. New Mexico State Aggies


PG: Evan Gilyard

SG: Jabari Rice

SF: Clayton Henry

PF: Donnie Tillman (UNLV)

C: Johnny McCants

Bench: Mayan Kiir (South Florida), Jason King, Marcus Watson, William McNair Jr, Kalen Williams

Additions: Donnie Tillman (UNLV), Mayan Kiir (South Florida)

Departures: Ivan Aurrouchea, Terrell Brown, Shawn Williams, Trevelin Queen, C.J. Bobbitt, Rayshaun Agee, A.J. Harris

Chris Jans has brought so much success in recent seasons for the Aggies, they once again have a very good squad. They lose their star with Trevelin Queen, but add another possible star in Donnie Tillman, can’t forget he won the PAC-12 6th Man of The Year in 2018-19 for Utah before he left for UNLV, then left again for NMSU, he had chances to go back to a Power-5 but opted to go to NMSU. At the Point Guard spot, you have Evan Gilyard, in his first season for the Aggies, he averaged 7.6 points per game and shot 39% from deep, he should be a huge contributor this season. A guy who will be an All-WAC player once again, Jabari Rice who’s a very good scorer will be huge this season again. You have a guy with tournament experience with McCants he’s a very talented big who will have a big season. There’s not much competition in the WAC this season they should stream-roll through the conference. Another big contributor will be Clayton Henry a lefty talented scorer who only played one game last season. This team will be great once more.

82. Iowa State Cyclones


PG: Rasir Bolton

SG: Jalen Coleman-Lands (DePaul)

SF: Blake Hinson (Ole Miss)

PF: Soloman Young

C: George Conditt IV

Bench: Tre Jackson, Xavier Foster, Jaden Walker, Dudley Blackwell

Additions: Blake Hinson (Ole Miss), Jalen Coleman-Lands (DePaul), Dudley Blackwell, Xavier Foster

Departures: Michael Jacobson, Tyrese Haliburton, Prentiss Nixon, Caleb Grill (UNLV), Zion Griffin

Steve Prohm did a great job piecing this team together after a terrible season but then you also lose your best player who will be a top NBA pick in Hailburton. Penn State transfer, Bolton had a very good first season in Ames averaging 13 points per game. They add 2 key transfers with Blake Hinson from Ole Miss who should receive a waiver and Jalen Coleman-Lands a 6th-year grad transfer from DePaul, only 33% from deep but is known for being a shooter. Then Soloman Young is a guy who’s a score-first big, the defense is a problem but as a 5-year guy he could prove to play a huge role this season. You have a Junior Center in Goerge Conditt who’s an elite defender, he’s a guy who when healthy can be one of the best defenders in the country. This is a team that can have some big upsets this season

83. Duquense Dukes


PG: Sincere Carry

SG: Taivien Dunn-Martin

SF: Maceo Austin

PF: Michael Weathers

C: Michael Hughes

Bench: Lamar Norman Jr, Amari Kelly, Austin Rotroff. Jeff Roesing, Chad Baker, Andre Harris, Mounar Hima

Additions: Jeff Roesing, Chad Baker, Mounar Hima, Andre Harris

Departures: Frankie Hughes (San Diego), Baylee Steele

This team adds a good amount of Freshman talent but has a ton of returning players too. Sincere Carry took a step back in every way this season, a small step but a step nonetheless, he needs to take a step forward this season. With Dunn-Martin he’s a guy who does one thing and does it well, shooting from deep, shot 35.8% last season, and will play a large role this season. Then you return Maceo Austin also for his Sophomore season could be in for a breakout. Also, they have a 6’5 guy in Weathers who averaged 14.3 points and 8.1 rebounds per game, while playing decent defense he’s 6’5 but plays the four and can’t do more than that which for his size is interesting but he’s great. And have an All-A10 guy from last season you’d be hard-pressed to find many better defenders than Hughes in College Hoops. Keith Dambrot will have another competitive squad on his hands this season.

84. Notre Dame Fighting Irish


PG: Cormac Ryan (Stanford)

SG: Prentiss Hubb

SF: Dane Goodwin

PF: Nate Laszewski

C: Juwan Durham

Bench: Nikola Djogo, Tony Sanders Jr, Matt Zona

Additions: Tony Sanders Jr, Matt Zona

Departures: John Money, T.J. Gibbs, Rex Pflugger

Losing double-double machine John Mooney is an irreplaceable player, could shoot and nobody is bringing down a rebound over him. Junior lead guard, Prentiss Hubb is the star of the team, he averaged 12.1 points, 5.3 assists per game last season and he has a shot to be a real national name this season. They have a transfer who sat last season in Cormac Ryan, a knockdown shooter who was a top-100 recruit in 2019. Between Hubb, Ryan, Goodwin, and Laszewski this team has a chance to be one of the better shooting teams in College Basketball this season. Rebounding, Defense, Depth will plague this team this season and severely limit the upside.

85. Pepperdine Waves


PG: Darryl Polk Jr

SG: Colebey Ross

SF: Skylar Chavez

PF: Kessler Edwards

C: Victor Ohia Obioha

Bench: Sedrick Altman, Jade Smith, Majok Deng, Andre Ball

Additions: Majok Deng, Andre Ball

Departures: Kameron Edwards, M.J. Cage, Jackson Stormo,

With the WCC being as down as it is this will be the last team from the conference making the list but they definitely have 4 quality teams. With Polk, you have an extremely intelligent Basketball player, a great defender, and has a great feel for the game he’s a guy that contributes beyond the stat sheet. One of the elite offensive players in the game with Colbey Ross, he averaged 20.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game and shot 40% from-the-field, and 34% from deep. Would like that efficiency to improve slightly but he has the kind of games where he can go for a 40 point outburst with ease. At the wing, they have Skylar Chavez who’s a knockdown shooter at 38% from deep last season. And a stretch big in Kessler Edwards 43.7% from three last season-high potential for Lorenzo Romar’s squad.

86. Texas A&M Aggies


PG: Jay Jay Chandler

SG: Quenton Jackson

SF: Emanuel Miller

PF: Savion Flagg

C: Kevin Marfo (Quinnipiac)

Bench: Jonathan Aku, Cashius McNeilly, Andre Gordon, Hassan Diarra, Jaxson Robinson, Hayden Hefner, LaDamian Bradford

Departures: Josh Nebo, Wendell Mitchell

Last season this was a team with low expectations and proved that to be worthy, losing to a terrible Fairfield team in the Orlando Invitational. They later went on to win 18 games but now they lose Josh Nebo who was by far their best player last season. Now they get Savion Flagg back, 6’7 forward, who shot 37% from three last season. They add a graduate transfer from Quinnipiac, Kevin Marfo who led the entire nation in rebounding last season, then opted to head to Texas A&M. Then you add 2 Top-100 guys in Diarra and Robinson, both Guards I could easily see one starting at some point in the season over Chandler. With Buzz Williams as your coach, who will exceed expectations.

87. UMass Minutemen


PG: Noah Fernandes (Wichita State)

SG: Carl Pierre

SF: T.J. Weeks

PF: Preston Santos

C: Tre Mitchell

Bench: Mark Gasperini (American), Dibaji Walker (Cleveland State), Ronnie Degray III, Jahvon Garcia

Additions: Noah Fernandes (Wichita State), Dibaji Walker, Ronnie Degray III, Mark Gasperini (American), Jahvon Garcia

Departures: Sean East II (Bradley), John Buggs III, Keon Clergeot, Samba Diallo, Randall West, Djery Baptiste

The Minutemen have a legitimate star and NBA prospect for the first time since Marcus Camby. A guy like Tre Mitchell can be an All-American. He averaged 17.2 points and 7.7 rebounds per game, he shot 48% from-the-field, 33% from deep on a pretty high usage rate for a big, he’s a solid shooter his main issue is defense. They add a guy who’s a hometown standout in Noah Fernandes who will likely get a waiver, he didn’t do much as a Freshman for Wichita State but he’s a guy who can be really good one day, he’s a really good defender just isn’t there on offense yet. Another really good scorer is Carl Pierre, he had 12 points per game last season he only shot 37% from-the-field and 33% from deep but the previous 2 seasons he had 37% from three and 42% from three in his Freshman season. Another local product is Preston Santos, a wing mostly but will play the four this season he’s a really good shooter 41% from three as a Freshman. Matt McCall likely doesn’t have a tournament squad but should reach the NIT.

88. Xavier Mustketeers


PG: KyKy Tandy

SG: Nate Johnson (Gardner-Webb)

SF: Paul Scruggs

PF: Jason Carter

C: Zach Freemantle

Bench: Dwon Odom, C.J. Wilcher, Daniel Ramsey, Colby Jones, Dieonte Miles

Additions: Dwon Odom, Nate Johnson (Gardner-Webb), Colby Jones, C.J. Wilcher, Dieonte Miles

Departures: Naji Marshall, Quinten Goodin, Tyrique Jones

This is a ranking I also don’t love and will likely be wrong, but can’t feel comfortable about this team. Losing your two stars in Naji Marshall and Tyrique Jones are 2 guys who aren’t replaceable you just have to find guys who can replicate some of their production. This is a team that can either be a bubble team-best case or absolutely a huge disappointment, I lean the ladder, the depth is questionable due to it being all super young guys and the lack of a go-to scorer. While Scruggs is a really talented scorer he probably isn’t the guy that can average 20 per game. He will be an NBA Player, 3-And-D Wing just not sure he’s a star. A guy with star potential is KyKy Tandy I just think we’re a year away from him being that star guy. They now have a guy who’s a spot-up shooter in Nate Johnson who shot 41.1% from three last season at Gardner-Webb, that’s something they lacked heavily last season. Freemantle is a guy who’s potential is sky high, bulk up and he can be an All-Conference guy without a doubt. The bench has a ton of young newcomers, Dwon Odom most notably will play a big role, along with Wilcher and Jones. It will be a large task for Travis Steele to make his first tournament as Xavier Head Coach in 2020-21.

89. Bradley Braves


PG: Sean East (UMass)

SG: Terry Nolan Jr (George Washington)

SF: Ja’Shon Henry

PF: Elijah Childs

C: Ari Boya

Bench: Danya Kingsby, Antonio Thomas, Kevin McAdoo, Rienk Mast

Additions: Sean East (UMass), Terry Nolan Jr (George Washington)

Departures: Koch Bar, Nate Kennell

The Braves have made the tournament two straight seasons even though technically there wasn’t one last season, they had an automatic bid for beating Valpo in the championship of the MVC. Now they add Sean East a talented young guard who came in from UMass, averaged 9.3 points and 4.9 assists per game last season, he struggled efficiency-wise and on defense last season but I think he’ll play a large role. Then you have a guy who sat last season in Terry Nolan Jr who had 9 points per game in 2018-19 for GW, shot 33% from deep but I think he has upside as a shooter. Then you get your star back in Elijah Childs, he averaged 14.8 points per game last season, great athlete and scorer but defense is still a question mark. With the bench, Kingsby is the best shooter on the team now without Nate Kennell, with Kingsby he shot 36% from three last season and should be around that again. Bradley will be in the running for a tournament spot again.

90. Missouri Tigers


PG: Xavier Pinson

SG: Dru Smith

SF: Javon Pickett

PF: Mitchell Smith

C: Jeremiah Tilmon

Bench: Torrence Watson, Drew Buggs (Hawaii), Mark Smith, Kobe Brown, Jordan Wimore

Additions: Drew Buggs (Hawaii), Jordan Wilmore

Departures: Reed Nikko, Axel Okongo (Eastern Michigan)

Cuonzo Martin’s tenure at Mizzou hasn’t exactly gone as planned, in his first season he had Michael Porter Jr, but that didn’t last long due to a back injury that sidelined him for nearly the entire season. He has his the best squad since 2017-18. They return a lot with Pinson, Pickett who are guys that need to be far more efficient their shooting percentages are nowhere near where they need to be. The star of the team? Senior Guard, Dru Smith former Evansville guard who spent 2 seasons with the Purple Aces. He’s a great defender and a good scorer but his shooting percentage fell off from his Sophomore Season at Evansville to last season with Mizzou. Senior Big, Jeremiah Tilmon is a guy who should be far better than he is, but he’s dealt with injuries and the bigger thing which is foul trouble, constant foul trouble. He’s a good defender when he isn’t fouling and very big and strong down low. They add a grad transfer guard in Drew Buggs he is a very good playmaker but scoring and defense aren’t always consistent. We’ll have to see where this team ends up but likely NIT bound.

91. UNLV Runnin Rebels

PG: David Jenkins Jr (South Dakota State)

SG: Marvin Coleman

SF: Bryce Hamilton

PF: Moses Wood (Tulane)

C: Cheick Mbacke Diong

Bench: Donovan Yap, Nicquel Blake, Caleb Grill (Iowa State), Reece Brown, Devin Tillis, Jhaylon Martinez, Devin Gilbert

Additions: Moses Wood (Tulane), David Jenkins Jr (South Dakota State), Caleb Grill (Iowa State), Nicquel Blake, Donovan Yap, Reece Brown, Devin Tillis, Jhaylon Martinez, Devin Gilbert

Departures: Jonah Antonio (Wake Forest), Donnie Tillman (New Mexico State), Elijah Mitrou-Long, Jay Green (Northern Arizona), Amauri Hardy (Oregon), Nick Blair, Taka Hall

T.J. Otzelberger has really begun building something special at UNLV. When you add a player like David Jenkins Jr, an elite offensive player who had 17.9 points per game for the Jackrabbits in 2018-19 and shot 42% from three. He followed Coach Otzelberger yo UNLV and had many other options but decided to stay loyal to his coach. A former walk-on turned big piece to the team is Marvin Coleman, as a Sophomore, he stepped up big, good defender not a consistent scorer yet but can run the offense comfortably. They had a legitimate star last season with Bryce Hamilton, he had 16 points per game last season shot 45% from-the-field and is a big lefty scorer but shooting isn’t where it needs to be yet. Another transfer from Tulane is Moses Wood, he’s a 6’8 195 Wing/4 Man who can shoot, and on this team where shooting isn’t elite you’ll take a guy who played and shot 37% from deep in his lone season and play him often. Mbacke Diong can really become a huge player this season, he had 7.7 points per game but scoring isn’t what he needs to be it’s to be a more consistent defender. The bench has a ton of newcomers, much of it will be a question mark for the current time which hurts their ranking on my list.

92. Mississippi State Bulldogs


PG: Iverson Molinar

SG: D.J. Stewart Jr

SF: Jalen Johnson (Louisiana)

PF: Javian Davis (Alabama)

C: Abdul Ado

Bench: Quinten Post, Tolu Smith, Deivon Smith, Keiondre Montgomery, Cameron Matthews, Derek Fountain

Additions: Jalen Johnson (Louisiana), Jaivien Davis (Alabama), Quinten Post, Deivon Smith, Keiondre Montgomery, Cameron Matthews, Derek Fountain

Departures: Nick Weatherspoon, Reggie Perry, Robert Woodard, Keyshawn Feazell (McNeese State), Tyson Carter

Ben Howland loses his best three players Weatherspoon, Perry, Woodard being those players but this is a season that could shock people, they have pieces just need to see them pieced together. Iverson Molinar has the potential to be a star in College Basketball, as a Freshman had 5.9 points per game while shooting 48% from-the-field, and 37% from deep, he’s now the star and will have to show that potential. Another future All-SEC player is D.J. Stewart not to be confused with Duke Freshman, D.J. Steward. The Bulldogs guard is a good defender and a pretty efficient scorer. Johnson started his career in the A-10 for the Billikens, played 2 seasons there before transferring to Louisiana, he had 15.5 points per game but only shot 42% from-the-field, 28% from three, taking fewer shots should make him an overall better player. Javian Davis transferred in from Alabama back home to Mississippi he’s a really good defender, could be a good scorer but there’s some progress to be made. At the 5, Ado is a 6’11 senior who is in his fifth season given that he had red-shirted his first season, he’ll be put in his biggest role this season, he’s been known as a defensive guy, but will need to provide a big offensive role if this team wants to compete. The Bulldogs will struggle again this season.

93. Davidson Wildcats


PG: Carter Collins

SG: Kellan Grady

SF: Hyunjung Lee

PF: Mike Jones

C: Luka Brajkovic

Bench: Bates Jones, Luka Brajkovic, Emory Lanier, Nelson Boachie-Yiadom, Grant Huffman, David Kristensen

Additions: Emory Lanier, David Kristensen, Grant Huffman

Departures: Jon Axel Gudmundsson, Keyshawn Pridgett, Luke Frampton (Western Kentucky)

Losing long-time lead guard Jon Axel Gudmundsson is tough to replace, but they return top scorer in Kellan Grady, the Senior averaged 17.2 points per game, while shooting 46% from-the-field, 37% from three. Now the Point Guard, Carter Collins will be thrown into a large role. I think he can handle that, he just missed out on my Top-100 Mid-Major players list, he likely would be on now after some like Ben Stanley are no longer Mid-Major guys. Last season, Hyungjung Lee wasn’t talked about enough he averaged 8.8 points per game as a Freshman, shot 46% from-the-field, 37% from deep, he can be a huge piece on this Davidson team this season.

94. Buffalo Bulls


PG: Ronaldo Segu

SG: Jayvon Graves

SF: Jeenathan Williams

PF: Laquill Hardnett

C: Josh Mballa

Bench: Keishawn Brewton (Costal Carolina), Tra’Von Fagan, David Nickelberry, Malik Zachery

Additions: Keishawn Brewton (Costal Carolina), Malik Zachery

Departures: Davonta Jordan, Antwain Johnson,

In Segu’s first season playing a big bench roe for Jim Whitesell’s squad he shot 36% from deep which is exactly what they needed off the bench, but this season without Davonta Jordan they’ll need more. Jayvon Graves had 17.1 PPG a game, shot 43.6% from-the-field, 36% from three, took a step back as a defender but proved to be an elite scorer. Williams had 11 points per game last season in his first season starting, the experience of this team from guys who hadn’t played large roles whether it was with Buffalo or without another team will serve them greatly as they now know what it feels like to play often. Another example of that is Josh Mballa, he was on the Texas Tech team that lost in the National Championship but hardly ever played, he then transferred to Buffalo. Then this season they add an intriguing transfer, Keishawn Brewton of Coastal Carolina, he played 22 games for the Chanteclairs this season then transferred, it’s not yet have been announced if he’ll apply or get a waiver but given that he left with multiple months left in the season he should at the very least be eligible sometime mid-season but I can see him getting a waiver, he had 14.5 points per game while shooting 37.1% from three. I see Buffalo as the MAC Favorites but there are some really close teams to them in this conference.

95. North Texas Mean Green


PG: Javion Hamlet

SG: James Reese

SF: Larry Wise

PF: Thomas Bell

C: Zachary Simmons

Bench: Rubin Jones, Mykell Robinson, Abau Ousmane, Mardrez McBride

Additions: Rubin Jones, Mykell Robinson, Abau Ousmane, Mardrez McBride

Departures: Umoja Gibson (Oklahoma), Roosevelt Smart, Abdul Mohamed, Deng Gau

Last season, Grant McCassland received a kind of production I’m not sure many saw coming with JUCO Transfer, Javion Hamlet. The 6’4 guard averaged 14.6 points, 3.0 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game while shooting 49% from-the-field, 41% from three he was simply incredible an offensive player it’s hard to find many who were better, the defense isn’t there but he could improve on that end without a doubt. Then they received solid production from a Buffalo transfer in James Reese, he had 8.6 points per game while shooting 44% from-the-field, 36% from deep without Umoja Gibson he will play a huge role. Thomas Bell is a good stretch big, averaged 6.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per game with good defense shooting 49.3% from-the-field, 36% from deep he can be an all C-USA guy this season. The Mean Green will be chasing Western Kentucky all season but they’ll definitely compete.

96. Siena Saints


PG: Jalen Pickett

SG: Nick Hopkins (Belmont)

SF: Aidan Carpenter

PF: Dana Tate Jr (Rhode Island)

C: Manny Camper

Bench: Jordan King, Gary Harris Jr, Kyle Young, Harrison Curry (Detroit Mercy), Collin Golson Jr

Additions: Dana Tate Jr (Rhode Island), Nick Hopkins (Belmont), Aidan Carpenter, Collin Golson Jr, Harrison Curry (Detroit Mercy)

Departures: Don Carey (Georgetown), Elijah Burns, Sammy Friday IV (Eastern Illinois)

The Saints have not only one of the best Mid-Major players, and I’d argue a top-50 or so the player in the nation in Jalen Pickett, he’s an elite of an offensive player as you’ll find, he had 15.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game while shooting 45.5% from-the-field, 37.4% from deep but one of his biggest issues is free throw shooting, 68.9% that needs to improve and he’ll be a first round NBA Pick,along with better defense. To replace Don Carey they get Nick Hopkins, former Belmont guard who shot 33% from deep last season, but 38% in 2018-19 I think he could easily shot near that 40% again this season. I was told today by one of the best in the business, Kevin Sweeney (@CBB_Central on twitter) that Aidan Carpenter will win MAAC POTY byt the time he graduates, if he has that upside he’ll be such a big piece to this squad. Two transfers for bigs being Dana Tate and Harrison Curry from URI and Detroit Mercy respectively they’ll both pay a role on this team due to their size. And last but certainly notm least, Manny Camper thje double-double machine, he averaged 13.3 points and 10.4 rebounds per game last season he’s as consistent as it gets. The Saints should run through the MAAC this season.

97. Nevada Wolfpack

PG: Kane Milling

SG: Desmond Cambridge Jr (Brown)

SF: Zane Meeks

PF: Robby Robinson

C: Warren Washington (Oregon State)

Bench: K.J. Hymes, DeAndre Henry, Je’Lani Clark, Daniel Foster

Additions: Desmond Cambridge Jr (Brown), Warren Washington (Oregon State), DeAndre Henry, Je’Lani Clark, Daniel Foster

Departures: Jalen Harris, JohnCarlos Reyes, Nisre Zouzoua, Lindsay Drew, Jazz Johnson

The Wolfpack lose a lot from last season but they have some reinforcements coming in and at this level, we’ve seen how Steve Alford can do things at a high level, that’s not to say this team isn’t talented because it definitely is. I think Sophomore Guard, Kane Milling from France could have a real breakout this season, he’ll play a ton and they need that product. Then key transfer, Desmond Cambridge Jr who in the Ivy League had 15.7 points per game but only shot 38% from-the-field and 32% From three, hopefully in his season off he worked on being more efficient. Meeks is 6’10 and can really shoot he’s a bit big for a wing height wise but I think will play that role fine, he’s a bit of a tweener in his position and while versatility is good I’m not sure I’d consider it a good thing for Meeks. At the 4 and 5 you have 2 really talented players who have high upside, Robinson was a good defender last season but didn’t do much nor was he asked to do much on offense last season but I think has the upside. Another big transfer is Warren Washington from Oregon State, he’s a 7-Footer who didn’t play much in his lone season as a member of the Beavers, he’s going to provide good defense this season. Will Nevada be a Wolfpack squad of old? No, but they’ll be solid. If Wichita State transfer, Grant Sherfield gets a waiver, watch out.

99. Georgia Bulldogs


PG: Sahvir Wheeler

SG: Justin Kier (George Mason)

SF: Toumani Camara

PF: P.J. Horne (Virginia Tech)

C: Jonathan Ned

Bench: Andrew Garcia (Stony Brook), Tye Fagan, K.D. Johnson, Jaykwon Walton, Christian Brown, Tyron McMillian

Additions: Justin Kier (George Mason), P.J. Horne (Virginia Tech), Jonathan Ned, Andrew Garcia (Stony Brook), Jaykwon Walton, Tyron McMillian

Departures: Anthony Edwards, Tyree Crump, Rayshaun Hammonds, Mike Peake (Austin Peay)

Tom Crean’s squad was so disappointing last season, they had the top recruit in the country and they were just terrible, they needed a game-winner to beat D2 Chaminade in the Maui Invitational. The best returning player is Sahvir Wheeler, he averaged 9 points and 4.5 assists per game while shooting 47% from-the-field, 32% from three obviously the shooting isn’t where it needs to be but there’s a foundation to work with. The biggest transfer they add is Justin Kier from George Mason, he’s an elite shooter and will be huge this season. Another guy that Tom Crean seems to like a lot is Toumani Camara, he’s 6’8 and is a solid defender who can score at a good clip 48% from-the-field, but only 17% from three. There are a ton of question marks surrounding the team but there’s certainly upside with guys like Fagan, Ned, McMillian, Walton but we need to see it came to fruition.

100. Ohio Bobcats


PG: Jason Preston

SG: Lunden McDay

SF: Ben Roderick

PF: Ben Vander Plas

C: Nolan Foster

Bench: Sam Towns, Jalen White, Dwight Wilson III, Colin Granger

Additions: Colin Granger

Departures: Sylvester Ogbonda, Jordan Dartis

The Bobcats have one of the best Mid-Major players in the country with Jason Preston, He averaged 16.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 7.4 assists per game while shooting 51% from-the-field and 40% from three, I mean seriously those are unreal numbers simply incredible, he will be the MAC Player of the year. good secondary guard scorer is Lunden McDay, he averaged 8 points per game, 47, 46% from-the-field, 38% from three he has a super high upside. All-MAC player Ben Vander Plas is back again, he had a 15.7 point, 6.7 rebound per game average. He looks to be an All-MAC guy again. The Bobcats will be 2nd in the MAC in my opinion but it’s a close race between them, Buffalo, Bowling Green, Akron, Toledo.

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