5 Coaches on the hot seat entering 2020-21

Patrick EwingGeorgetown

The Patrick Ewing hiring was one that made a lot of sense at the time and it even looked like it was starting to work out around this time last year. Then it all went downhill, Myreon Gardner, Josh LeBlanc, and Galen Alexander all transferred midseason in connection to a restraining order that was issued. His inability to keep players around and trouble building relationships with James Akinjo and Mac McClung, which left them to transfer. I don’t think Ewing is a bad coach at all but they have no program momentum heading into season 4 and it’s only getting worse, they need to change trajectory.

Sean MillerArizona

This one may be a controversial take but two seasons ago, the team was terrible, this past season was a huge disappointment for the expectations they had laid out with Nico Mannion, Josh Green, and Zeke Nnaji. They should be a tournament team this season but if not Coach Miller’s time in Tucson may be up they are switching their tune recruiting wise and going international with 6 different international guys. If James Akinjo and Jordan Brown don’t step-up as expected the Wildcats’ very well may miss the Tournament and it will give the program a tough decision to make. He’s entering Year 11 as Arizona coach and the last 3 seasons just haven’t been great. They were a 4 seed in the Tournament in 2017-18 led by DeAndre Ayton and got absolutely stunned by Jeremy Harris, C.J. Massinburg and 13th seeded Buffalo led by coach Nate Oats. For a team that went 27-8, won the PAC-12 getting upset in the first round is a failure. This past season they were 21-11 and would’ve been anywhere from 8-10 seed in the Tournament but they should’ve been so much better and the blame falls on Coach Miller. The program is still also being investigated for a pay-for-play scheme and while most of the evidence seems to already be out there, the University could use a punishments as a way to move on from Miller.

Josh Paster Georgia Tech

This is a make-or-break season for Pastner, I love the Yellow Jackets this season but with that they need a tournament appearance in Year five, it needs to happen. They went 21-16 in his first season and were the NIT-Runner-Up, then 13-19, after that 14-18, and this past season 17-14 and a postseason ban. Obviously things have been up-and-down for Pastner but he needs Mike Devoe and Jose Alvarado to lead his team to the promise land. Devoe is a really talented player and can definitely help them get to the NCAA Tournament.

Chris Collins – Northwestern

Things have turned terrible for Northwestern entering season 8 for Chris Collins, he has a 109-118 overall record and a terrible 43-87 Big Ten record. That’s brutally bad they went 8-22 this past season and it’s quite honestly a shocker I hear nobody talk about him getting let go. Yeah they won their first-ever NCAA Tournament game four years ago but that shouldn’t make Northwestern feel obligated to keeping him. Northwestern realistically is just running it back with the same roster that they had a season ago. Boo Buie is a good player but besides him it’s really meh roster, Pete Nance and Ryan Young are okay but they shouldn’t be top players on any team. If the team doesn’t begin to at least compete on the same level as some of these other programs in the league, Collins could very well find himself on the way out.

Dave LeitaoDePaul

DePaul gave Leitao a 4-year extension for going 13-16, and 3-15 in conference play and were one of the worst teams in College Basketball down the stretch. I don’t get it at all, DePaul is a laughing stock to many, and a big reason for it is because of Leitao’s inability to coach. Realistically, the Blue Demons could be an NCAA Tournament Team this year, from a talent perspective. They add Ray Salnave from Monmouth, Javon Freeman-Liberty, who needs a waiver but should get one, along with Seniors Charlie Moore and Jaylen Butz and rising sophomores Romeo Weems and Markese Jacobs. That is a roster that should get DePaul into the NCAA Tournament but if they go 3-15 in league play m once again and keep Leitao, I would be extremely disappointed, but not surprised they love him for some reason.

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