5 more NBA Draft Sleepers

There are so many good players that can contribute that will be late picks/undrafted. so there will be many more of these players, at least a decent amount that can contribute to an NBA team.

Romaro Gill Seton Hall

Romaro Gill is 7’2” and was a big piece for the Pirates very successful 2019-20 campaign. He went to JUCO For 2 seasons, and the main reason he won’t be selected is that he’ll be 26 by the time the season starts. Yes that’s right, he was 25 this entire College Hoops Season, if he was 6 years younger he’s a draft pick,, but there is limited upside with a 26-year-old. He’s 7’2” while being good at the rim and is a great shot blocker, he blocked 3 shots per game. There’s a spot for that in the league, I mean look at Boban Marjanovic, he doesn’t play a ton but he’s on a team because he’s really tall. If you’re big they’ll find a spot. He’s more of an old-school big-man since he’s not a shooter but can set a nice screen and slip to the hoop for a lob. There is a lot to like with Gill, he’s definitely an NBA Guy for me.

Leslie Varner II UT-Rio Grande Valley

Varner was great for UTRGV this season, he had 15.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.5 steals per game. He’s a 2-guard/wing with good athleticism and is a 6’7” knockdown shooter. He shot 40% from deep this season and 87% from the line. The way the NBA is today, if you can shoot three’s and make them often, while getting to the line and making those shots, you’ll have a good shot to make it to the league. Will he be drafted? Probably not but he’s worth a two-way-deal in my opinion. How often is it that you find a guy with his athleticism, shooting ability, solid defense and go undrafted? Not often that’s why Varner makes my list.

Sam Merrill Utah State

Another guy who is a pure shooter at the next level, he has one of the smoothest jump shots I have ever seen and when he misses I’m surprised. In games he has that clutch gene, just like the MWC championship this season knocking down a 30-foot jumper to beat one-loss San Diego State team. He can also drive a bit and even hit some mid-range shots. In college he was a three-level-scorer and at the NBA level we’ll see how that fares but he is 6’5” just not overly athletic, but he has tremendous feel for the game. He’s a guy that will never be a star or maybe even a starter in the NBA, but can he be a 15-20 minutes per game guy off the bench and he can pick up some buckets.

Trey Landers Dayton

Without Landers, the Flyers don’t accomplish what they did and I say that with extreme confidence. He’s kind of like a super glue-guy, he’s a great defender and you saw it even the other day when he covered Mike Daum in the TBT and Daum had no room to shoot. He’s very athletic and can guard 1-4 if needed. He probably won’t but there’s no way for current draft prospects to show their current skills other than than the TBT so, if scouts were unsure if he’s a draftee or not, the TBT may have made that decision for them. If he doesn’t get drafted, he still has a good chance to make an NBA roster because of his switchability and defensive capabilities.

Skylar Mays LSU

Mays is a very good scorer and has solid size but not NBA athleticism or defense. He shot 49% from the field and 39% from deep this season. He really came into his own as the lead guy this season without Tremont Waters. I think Mays can develop into an NBA Player over time maybe be a solid 6th man for an NBA team or something like that. I would love to see an NBA team spend a 2nd rounder on him just to see what they have, if not offer him a two-way deal and see where it takes you.

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