After a disappointing season, the Florida roster is set for a big season

How Florida wasn’t amazing last season will forever be a surprise given their roster construction but it breaks down like this. While Kerry Blackshear Jr was good, he wasn’t the type of game-changer he was thought to be. Andrew Nembhard, who has now decided to transfer, was up and down but was a pretty bad 3-point shooter. Scottie Lewis was impressive at times but for being a 5-Star Recruit, he was seen as having a bad season although that’s slightly unfair to have such high expectations on a guy. He averaged 8 points and 3 rebounds per game, while shooting 44% from the field, 36% from deep. In a somewhat shocking move, Scottie Lewis decided to not even test the waters and return to Florida for his Sophomore Season, once a projected lottery pick knew his stock fell, swallowed his pride and came back, that’s a tough thing to do. The biggest difference-maker on this team for me is Noah Locke, he shot 43% from deep and averaged 10 points per game on 183 3-Point shots that’s a big sample. One of the most underrated players in the entire nation is Keyontae Johnson he’s an absolute physical specimen, he’s 6’5″ and 231 pounds of pure muscle. Johnson averaged 14 points and 7 rebounds per game, on 54% from the field, 38% from three he’s just a great player. Tre Mann the former 5-Star had a disappointing season but has high potential.

Here’s the Gators lineup going into next season:

PG: Tre Mann

SG: Scottie Lewis

SF: Keyonte Johnson

PF: Anthony Duraji (Louisiana Tech)

C: Colin Castleton (Michigan, Needs Waiver)

Bench: Ques Glover, Noah Locke, Tyree Appleby (Cleveland State), Omar Payne, Samson Ruzhenstev, Niels Lane, Osayi Osifi

Departures: Andrew Nembhard (Transfer), Kerry Blackshear Jr, Dontay Bassett (South Alabama)

Additions: Anthony Duruji (Louisiana Tech), Tyree Appleby (Cleveland State), Colin Castleton (Michigan), Samson Ruzhenstev, Niels Lane, Osayi Osifi.

Look, this is a very good team that has Final Four potential, but they will need to prove it this season before people rank them highly. If this is another season that doesn’t go as it should, Mike White very well could be on his way out. The big adjustment is that White needs to adjust his tempo this team should be fast-paced not one of the slowest teams in the nation. He didn’t run slow-tempo at Louisiana Tech and with all the athletes this team has, it doesn’t make sense to do so. I don’t think Mike White is a bad coach, but he’s not playing to his team’s strengths. This isn’t a slow-paced team Tre Mann and Scottie Lewis are both super athletic they should run the floor fast and use their speed to their advantage.

This team has all the makings of a final-four team, they have two former five-star players in Tre Mann and Scottie Lewis. Keyontae Johnson who’s just super reliable and consistent at all levels of the game. Newcomers in Duruji, Appleby, Castleton who will all play often for this team. This is a super deep and talented team that has as much potential as anybody, but the questions is whether or not they will live up to that billing?

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