Both Gach commits to Minnesota

Utah Transfer, Both Gach commits to Minnesota to play for Richard Pitino. He chose the Gophers over Creighton, Auburn, Maryland, and Iowa State. Gach is from Minnesota so he will likely apply for a waiver and he should receive one and be eligible this season. Gach played two seasons for the Utes, had a good Freshman season in only 120 minutes, he had 7 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists per game while shooting 47% from the field, and 31% from three which isn’t great but serviceable. This season Gach quite honestly wasn’t very efficient he played 30 minutes per game and averaged 10 points per game, but he only shot 39% from the field, 25% from three, that’s pretty poor efficiency. Most expected Gach to choose Minnesota the whole way because it’s was the only was he would likely receive a waiver to play this season. Obviously with the NCAA the only guarantee is that nothing’s a guarantee, and it seems like they pick names out of a hat and see who gets a waiver. Now assuming Gach gets the waiver let’s talk Gopher hoops.


PG: Marcus Carr (Testing Waters)

SG: Both Gach (Utah, Needs Waiver)

SF: Gabe Kalschuer

PF: Brandon Johnson (Western Michigan)

C: Liam Robbins (Drake, needs waiver)

Bench: Jamal Mashburn Jr, Eric Curry, Jarvis Omersa, Tre’ Williams, Martice Mitchell, David Mutaf, Sam Freeman, Isaiah Ihnen

Departures: Alihan Demir, Daniel Oturu (NBA Drafr), Payton Willis (Charleston), BJ Greenlee (San Diego), Michael Hurt

Additions: Both Gach, Brandon Johnson, Jamal Mashburn Jr, Martice Mitchell, David Mutaf, Liam Robbins

This is a super interesting team and talented, but at the same time this team’s fate is in the NCAA hands, something you never want to say. Both Gach will apply for a waiver since he’s going home to Minnesota there’s no reason he shouldn’t receive one, using Johnny Juzang from Kentucky to UCLA as a precedent. Also Liam Robbins he has an interesting case he’s from Wichita Kansas, went to Drake which is in Iowa which is closer to his hometown than Minnesota is. In that sense he shouldn’t get a waiver. At the same-time his uncle Ed Conroy is an assistant on Coach Pitino’s staff, I’m so torn on whether he gets a waiver or not but I think he is more likely to than not. Robbins is a great talent though he’s 7-Foot Tall, he had 14 points, 7 rebounds and 2.9 blocks per game. Robbins is a special talent and future NBA Player. They also add Western Michigan grad transfer, Brandon Johnson who hasn’t played since 2017-18 due to injury but when he did play he had 9 points and 5 rebounds per game on 48% from the field. We’ll have to see what he can provide but I see him starting over Isaiah Ihnen but that could change.

Returnees: Marcus Carr the Pittsburgh transfer who sat in 2018-19 in his first season as a Golden Gopher’ he had 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game. He’s a very-good do-it-all guard who’s testing the waters but the one thing I think he needs to improve is his overall efficiency, 39% from the field is a tad-low for someone who shoots as much as he does, but 36% from deep is very good. He’s a potential First-team All-B1G Ten kind of guy this season and he should continue to improve. Gabe Kalschuer is a talented-scorer definitely but had a rough season, in 2018-19 he shot 41% from three, this season it dropped to 34% but Kalschuer just has one of those strokes where it looks like it goes in every single time even when it doesn’t. Kalschuer scored 34 in non-conference play against Oklahoma State, 23 against FIU, and 26 against Nebraska. That’s the type of potential and talent Kalschuer has and should land somewhere in between the 41% and 34% this season and probably average 15+ point as with Oturu gone someone needs to pick-up the slack. If there’s one thing that can sum up Kalschuer’s Sophomore Season it was a home game against Maryland. He missed the-front-end of a one-and-one then you know how the story goes, Darryl Morsell hit a game-winning three so that’s about how the entire Minnesota season went. Next we’ll talk the German born forward, Isaiah Ihnen his talent is evident he’s a great shooter at 6’9 but just didn’t play much last season, but he will this season.

Is Minnesota going to be a tournament team next year? Honestly I have no clue, their roster is extremely dependent on waivers.

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