Drake Transfer, Liam Robbins has received a waiver to play immediately for Minnesota.

It seems like just about everyone at this point will get a waiver, which is good I like that but at the same time let’s not waste people’s time dealing with a long process and just give it to them, the one-time waiver rule. The 7-foot Junior had an interesting case, he’s from Davenport, Iowa which is 2 and a half hours from Drake’s campus, and 5 and a half from Minnesota. The big kicker here? his Uncle Ed Conroy is on staff as an assistant coach, they definitely used that to get a waiver in my eyes as they should have. I was unsure if Robbins would get one but he definitely had a better case than guys like Tyler Harris who received a waiver to play immediately for Iowa State, so it makes sense.

In the coming days, I’d expect the NCAA to grant Utah transfer, Both Gach a waiver also. How does that bode for the Golden Gophers this season? Well… let’s take a look. Robbins had a 3.5 Box-Plus-Minus which is very good, and will be a huge addition to this squad, especially after losing Daniel Oturu.


PG: Marcus Carr

SG: Both Gach (Utah)

SF: Gabe Kalschuer

PF: Brandon Johnson (Western Michigan)

C: Liam Robbins (Drake)

Bench: Isaiah Ihnen, Martice Mitchell, Jamal Mashburn Jr, Tre’ Williams, Daviid Mutaf, Eric Curry

Additions: Both Gach (Utah), Liam Robbins (Drake), Brandon Johnson (Western Michigan),

Obviously returning Marcus Carr is significant and can’t be understated how big a of a piece he is to this team, but he does have some flaws that can turn him from a “Good Player” to an “Elite Player” He had a 4.6 BPM which is fantastic, but his overall efficiency is worrisome, 39% from a lead-guard isn’t ideal make it 44% or so and it’s very good, just a small bump maybe take a few less ill-advised shots and that’ll happen, you’ll take the 36% from deep every day of the week though.

Both Gach is a frustrating player at times he has all the physical talent to be a star but just hasn’t put it together yet. He had a horrendous -1.9 BPM last season in what was a forgettable season for Utah and Gach. He just has a lot to work on to be a good Basketball player and he’ll be someone that you see on Breakout lists the next 2 seasons without a doubt.

With Gabe Kalscheur you have a guy who looked to lack confidence last season he’s a great shooter with a very buttery-smooth jump shot but shot 34% from deep last season while being in the 40% range his Freshman season I like him a ton as a player but have to be consistent.

This Golden Gophers squad could be in the running for an at-large bid this season, but it’s far from a lock at this point.

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