Former Top-50 recruit, Alonzo Gaffney takes the JUCO Route, why it’s smart and why it’s important.

Former Ohio State Forward, Alonzo Gaffney heads to Northwest Florida State CC for a season rather than going pro or going to another D-1 school. Why is it smart to do so? He gets to play in live games this season without having to sit out this upcoming season. Let’s say he chose to go to Iowa State, he’s going to have to sit-out for a bad team and not get any live game action, only practice, as Allen Iverson once said “Not a game, we’re talking about PRACTICE.” Whether Gaffney goes pro or to another D-1 following the season, won’t have to sit next season if he goes to Iowa State for example, just like every other JUCO guy he’s immediately eligible as soon as 2021-22 is ready to go. You see some College players go to JUCO but not often as many usually opt to sit-a-season rather than keep playing while maybe having an idea of where he’d want to play the next season. Former SLU, DePaul forward Carte’are Gordon also went to the same JUCO last year before him ultimately being removed from the team mid-season, it’s quite possible that’s something played into Gaffney’s decision, they’ve had a high-end guy at the same position recently.

And JUCO has a ton of talent for whatever reason some guys circumstances just allow them to end up there, whether it’s Grades, Lack of offers, all kinds of things can contribute to someone end up in a Junior College. I’ll next say names of guys who we all likely know who’s played at JUCO. Chris Duarte (Oregon), Alonzo Verge Jr (Arizona State), Tyson Jolly (SMU), RayQuan Evans (FSU), Jonah Antonio (Wake Forest), Taz Sherman (WVU), Emmanuel Bandoumel (SMU), Charles Manning (LSU), Cam Mack (Un-Decided, Transfer) Tomas Woldetensae (Virginia), Ryan Murphy (Tulane) did I mention this is all from last season recruiting class? It is. There’s so much talent in Junior College, games should be televised and paid more attention to, there’s no reason it should get the disrespect it does. Is it easier than D-1 hoops? Absolutely, not debating that, but if you’re a bad player odds are you won’t even be at a JUCO and certainly won’t be a star there.

What’s the future for Gaffney? I’d expect we see him playing College Basketball again in 2021-22 if he doesn’t go pro, which he probably won’t/shouldn’t. He’ll have plenty of coaches monitoring his games this season, depending on what happens with COVID-19 probably going to games, he’s a very talented guy who just never got it going for the Buckeyes but he will have a great JUCO season.

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