Illinois transfer Alan Griffin has received a waiver, what does it mean for Syracuse?

This is big news for Jim Boeheim’s team, adding a great shooter like Griffin is huge. They now have 3 elite shooters in Joe Girard, Alan Griffin, and Buddy Boeheim. This is a team I have in my TOP-50 around the 40 range and team that should make the Tournament, but a likely as a bubble team per usual.

A quick look at their Lineup

PG: Joe Girard III

SG: Alan Griffin

SF: Buddy Boeheim

PF: Marek Dolezaj

C: Bourama Sidibe

Bench: Quincy Gurrier, Kadary Richmond, Frank Anselem, John Bol Ajok

Additions: Alan Griffin, Kadary Richmond, Frank Anselem

Departures: Elijah Hughes, Jalen Carry (Rhode Island), Brycen Goodine (Providence)

This is a very talented squad, Girard has as much future star potential as anyone in College Basketball, it’s just matter of time before he is a star. He only shot 31% from three last season but that will improve, he has unlimited range and a beautiful jumper. Buddy Boeheim the son of Jim, is another great shooter, he averaged 15 points per game on 37% shooting from three and is another guy with a smooth jumper. Dolezaj is a great defender and although he averaged 10 points per game last season he just never seems to comfortable on the offensive end. Sidibe is a player I like with upside, he’s not there offensively but a good defender and rebounder.

This is a squad that today I think is an NCAA Tournament team going into next season.

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