Interview with Akron Star Guard, Loren Cristian Jackson.

Q: It seems you were really under-the-radar coming out of high school. How do you think you become so underrated?

A: “I had quite a few once Oklahoma state offered me schools just assumed I was going there.”

Q: Why did you choose Akron?

A: “I felt comfortable with the coaches on the staff.”

Q: You’re listed at 5’8 and for Basketball, that’s considered short for a basketball player. Is that something that adds fuel to your fire?

A: “Yeah for sure, I’ve always been the smallest on all my teams so now I just look at it as an advantage.”

Q: How did you develop so much this season? Not only did you numbers rise, but both your field goal and three-point percentages went up 12% from the previous season. I feel like often times when you’re given a bigger role, you’ll miss more but why was different for you?

A: “I just had more confidence going into this upcoming season I put a lot of work in to improve my game“

Q: You mentioned early in the off-season you weren’t going to be a graduate Transfer like many going into their final season do, why?

A: “Coach Groce took a chance on me when some other coaches wouldn’t. Also I wanted to leave a legacy wherever I decided to go.“

Q: Did you consider testing the draft waters?

A: “I thought about testing the waters, but with COVID it didn’t seem like it was worth it since I couldn’t work out for teams.”

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: “I just want to finish what we started last season.”

Q: Why should the world know about you if they haven’t seen you play?

A: “I do whatever it takes to win on a nightly basis.”

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