Interview with Former Dartmouth Star, now In the Transfer Portal Chris Knight.

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to talk to me about his career, as well as him now having to transfer due to Ivy League rules not allowing players to redshirt and play another season due to his season-ending injury.

Q: Let start back to when you were choosing schools the first time, what went into the decision given that you chose an Ivy League school?

A: Getting an Ivy League degree, it doesn’t get much better than that. Also, I trusted my coach that he would make me a better player and a better person off the court. He hasn’t proven me wrong.

Q: Reflecting back on your three seasons played at Dartmouth what stands out most? How did you improve most as a player?

A: I think maturity-wise, I’ve grown a bunch during my three seasons. Understanding defense and where to be. I just improved on making better decisions and being more efficient

Q: What emotions were going through your mind when you tore your Achilles, knowing that due to the Ivy League rules you can’t use a redshirt and play an extra season at Dartmouth?

A: Kind of depressed. Always want to finish what you started and with an injury like that, you never know what the comeback will be like. The only thing now is to look forward and see what the opportunities present and work hard to make sure I’m back 100%

Q: Do you wish the Ivy League allowed athletes to come back for another season if they had an injury that forced them to redshirt?

A: Yeah, I think it would be super helpful and so many kids wouldn’t be faced with the situation like I am. I think they need to take some steps to make this change if they want to compete at higher levels

Q: What are you looking for in your next school?

A: Somewhere I can play and be a contributor while coming back from an injury. I just want to hoop again pretty much and getting my masters would be super nice.

Q: The last one, I saw @scoopmantv release some teams that contacted you, since that has any other schools contact you?

A: He asked me who showed good interest but I got called by Vandy, Stanford, UNLV, Cal Baptist, Southern Illinois, among others.

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