Interview with Grateful4Foundation founder, Rutgers guard Paul Mulcahy.

First off, Thanks to Paul for creating something so great and taking the time to talk to me about it on twitter, follow @Grateful4found1 and @PaulMulcahy_3 on twitter.

instagram: (@Grateful4Foundation)

Q: How long ago did you think of starting the Grateful4Foundation?

A: “It’s been an idea of mine for 3 or 4 years now, but with the Coronavirus Hiatus I’ve had more time to develop it and put it together and get it done from there.

Q; Have you always been interested in creating something to bring people together during tough times?

A: “I thought it was pretty ironic that this was the time period to put something like this out, I was more geared toward the coronavirus pandemic but in the last week there’s been a lot more so it’s been ironic, but I grew up in a pretty diverse area so it’s always been important to me to bring people together.”

Q: You’ve had quite a few guys involved with Rutgers Athletics release a video of the four things they’re grateful for, the most interesting to me is Eric LeGrand who became paralyzed during a 2010 Rutgers football game, when you think of the Grateful4 foundation is Eric one of the first that comes to mind?

A: “For sure, I got to meet Eric when I was in high school and got to know him either that so when this launched I messaged him and he was down to do it and put out his video instantly, but he always takes positives out of things and it’s cool to see someone in his situation stay positive.”

Q: Outside of Basketball, what do you want people to know about Paul Mulcahy?

A: “I always gotta feel like I want to be a better person than just a Basketball player, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a platform especially in New Jersey, and fortunate enough to bring people together, but I just want to be known as a good person.”

Q: What are the Long-Term Plans for this foundation?

A: We want to do events and turn it into a non-profit, and help people who are financially needy, with everything happening in the world tensions are high but gratitude is something that can bring everyone together. Hopefully, we can get a few players from each team to participate too.

Thanks to Paul for speaking with me about this awesome Foundation in a tough time, Even though we are all struggling with things at times for me, It’s always important to remember what you do have in this world.

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