Interview with NBA DRAFT PROSPECT and All-Time USC leader in made three-pointers, Jonah Mathews.

Sean: Obviously your brother, Jordan was a tremendous College hooper also what did he teach you and how close were you guys growing up?

Jonah: He just taught me to work and that working will always show and it will pay off and we were close but we got really close when I was a freshman and he was a senior in high school.

Sean: When looking back at your USC career what are you most proud of?

Jonah: I’m most proud of just what I set out to do there I accomplished wanted to leave a winning resume wanted to break records and make moments and I did that.

Sean: Speaking of moments, I have to ask. Even though last season ended on a sad note because no NCAA Tournament, how special will that game-winner against UCLA as your last shot as a Trojan mean to you?

Jonah: It honestly means everything just to go out like that is truly a blessing most people don’t even end on a make and I made a game-winner against my rival as in my last game ever as a Trojan truly surreal

Sean: How many NBA teams have you been in contact with and if you can share which teams?

Jonah: About 6-8 I’ve been contacted by The Bucks, Magic, hawks, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Spurs, Jazz, and a couple of others.

Sean: What are your expectations for draft night? Are you going in thinking you’ll get drafted or get ready for whatever opportunity comes?

Jonah: I know I’ll go undrafted but some teams have been in contact talking about a two way so I’m just gonna wait and be ready for the opportunity

Sean: What was playing with a guy like Onyeka Okongwu this past season like?

Jonah: It was amazing he made up for a lot of stuff being able to throw lobs or even close to the rim he’s gonna catch it or even on defense he’s at the rim challenging and blocking shots and on top of that his quick second jump very quick off the ground

Sean: What are your goals for next season? And what will make it a successful first year in the pro ranks?

Jonah: Just to make a name for myself, and show what I can do and hopefully play well enough to move up into a role spot.

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