Interview with NBA Draft prospect and former Boise State rebounding machine, R.J. Williams!

Sean: Why did you decide to go to JUCO out of HS after originally committing to UTEP?

RJ: I choose JUCO out of high school, because I broke both my ankles, and didn’t know if I would ever walk again. So I decided to still go to a local college to see what would happen and to give me a mental edge knowing it would be harder to get to the next level, because who would want a kid with broken ankles? So I wanted to rest myself with JUCO to see if I could play D1, and JUCO was the ultimate test. JUCO taught me no matter where you come from or who you are, if you work together the goal is possible alone you will go fast but not further.

Sean: Why did you choose Boise State?

RJ: I chose Boise because the people are amazing, I love nature and the cold weather. My best friend played football there at the time and they had some really great guys to play ball with, the atmosphere was contagious, plus a great education.

Sean: What do you reflect on about your time at Boise State the most?

RJ: What I reflect on at my time for Boise State is that you will be tested, and you will make sacrifices and they want the best for you. I reflect on that they taught me how to be unbreakable, and how to handle adversity full head of steam and what you have to sustain to acquire success.

Sean: Who were your mentors at Boise State?

RJ: My mentor at Boise state was actually my teammate Marcus Dickinson. He taught me how to work hard and howTo believe in myself even on the worst days and he made me believe i could achieve any goal if i work hard and showed up. ALSO my mother because she kept my head on straight through difficult times and the good ones.

Sean: How many NBA teams have spoken to you?

RJ: I’ve spoken to two nba teams so far

Sean: What are your pro plans currently?

RJ: My pro plans currently are training every day with some trainers and doing some private classes with conditioning.

Sean: What are your goals for next season?

RJ: My goal for next season is to be in the best shape of my career and get a nba roster and then try to stay in the Leauge and put up numbers and turn into a more perimeter player again and just develop my game

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