Interview with NBA draft prospect and former FIU star big-man Osasu Osaghae

Sean: How many offers did you hold out of High School?

Osasu: I had zero offers coming out of High School, not a JUCO offer or anything.

Sean: Why did you choose FIU?

Osasu: I chose FIU for educational purposes, and it’s literally in my backyard, 20-30 minutes from my house. I went for their business program, and they have a realy good business program.

Sean: Does being an old school big-man these days put a chip on your shoulder?

Osasu: Being an old school big-man doesn’t really put a chip on my shoulder, to be honest, something that puts a chip on my shoulder is where I came from it’s me against everybody mentality, and I think it brings the best out of me.

Sean: What has the draft process been like during a pandemic?

Osasu: The draft process has been long and fast at the same time, sometimes too fast now getting into the ladder stages of it. The truth of it, I’ve been training for 7 or 8 months now, meeting a lot of guys and putting in a lot of work to bring my game to the next level, and hopefully, I get the opportunity to show that.

Sean: How many NBA Teams have you interviewed with?

Osasu: It’s been very spaced out from June to October, so the timing is a little off, but about five or six. 

Sean: Do you think you’ll be drafted or are you boing into the draft day with no expectations?

Osasu: Personally, I don’t expect to get drafted. I would love to get drafted, but it’s not something My Agent or I expect to happen, so I’m not going in with expectations. The only expectation is that I’m going to prove my doubters wrong and play my heart out and surprise a lot of people that’s what I expect. Do I think I’ll get the opportunity to do that? Yes, but I don’t know how that’ll come I just want it to manifest itself.

Sean: What’s the goal for next season?

Osasu: My goal is to continue development I’m pretty young when it comes to Basketball. I only started playing six or seven years ago which isn’t a lot compared to most guys in this class that probably have played their whole lives. Work more and more on my weaknesses and my strengths, and be a student of the game, and just becoming a better pro

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