Interview with NBA Draft prospect Terry Armstrong!

Sean: What’s was the main reason you chose overseas rather than attending Arizona?

Terry: I wanted to focus on basketball more. I feel like that’s was gonna be kinda hard for me if I would’ve went to school. Me seeing Melo and Rj do it I thought why not.

Sean: What’s something you got from playing pro that you wouldn’t have in college, and vice versa?

Terry: Just being able to go in and compete against guys who’ve already had professional and already had experience so just trying to take as much as possible from them on what it takes to be a pro. I think college experience would’ve been different being around guys that’s around the same age as me so we would’ve been learning together.

Sean: What kind of feedback have NBA teams given you?

Terry: Some teams are interested I think there’s two teams looking to maybe take me with there second round pick, but other then them two teams the rest is lookin either for a undrafted and signing a 2way or exhibit 10.

Sean: What’s your goals for your rookie season?

Terry: I wanna just prove that I belong in the NBA of course win rookie of the year in stuff like that but the position I’m in right being counted out I’m focus on just earning my spot, and not have to be on a two-way contact

Sean: What should fans reading this know about Terry Armstrong?

Terry: I’m a Very humble guy and a willing and hard worker a person who cares about making others as far as my fans.

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