Interview with Nevada Big Man, Robby Robinson.

Q: You opted to go to JUCO out of high school, why did you decided to do that and what did you learn in your one season?

A: “Well a lot of people don’t know but I sat out a year right out of high school. I decided to go the JUCO route because the offer I had I wasn’t too excited about. During that one season I learned how much of college basketball is a business and you really gotta get it on your own when you’re trying to leave a JUCO.”

Q: What are your biggest takeaways from your First season of D-1 Hoops personally?

A: “The biggest takeaways I would say would be how to fit in a system, I mean I came from a juco where I was the main guy and then came here and played the defensive role. So really just doing your job to help the team. It’s not always about scoring 30 every night.“

Q: What’s the main thing you’ve been working out on during this weird offseason? How do you want to improve?

A: “Yeah I definitely take pride in playing defensive. The main thing I’ve been working out is getting faster, quicker, and overall just getting stronger. On the court I’ve been working on dribbling and getting my jump shot down.”

Q: What do you want the world to know about Robby Robinson if they haven’t seen him play?

A: “The world should know I have an old school type game. I’m going to give you my all every time I step foot on the court. This year coming up is gonna turn a lot of people’s heads.”

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