Interview with one of the top draft sleepers, former UT-Rio Grande Valley wing Lesley Varner II

Sean: What did you learn most throughout your four year career at UTRGV?

Lesley: I learned that basketball gives you what you give it, the more time you spend on your own working on your game when nobody is looking is how you reach your full potential.

Sean: You took one of the biggest jumps of anyone in the country this season raising your 3pt % by 11 points and your free throw % by 24 points. How did you improve that much?

Lesley: After talking with my coach at the end of my junior year he told me that going into my senior year i would have to lead the team everyday on a consistent basis. So i locked in my junior off season doing more then the standard to get better in those aspects.

Sean: Can you share what NBA teams have told you they like about your game/want you to improve upon?

Lesley: They love my length for a perimeter player, my ability to shoot at a high clip for my size, and my ability to be a great defender.
Need to continue to improve on getting stronger, and my craft for the next level.

Sean: Do you think the pandemic has affected your chances to rise on the draft boards? With how limited in-person things have been?

Lesley: I feel like it did because all the events that were canceled that were opportunities for me to showcase my talent in front of a bigger audience.

Sean: With the draft being just two weeks away are you going into it with the feeling that you’re being drafted?

Lesley: If i get drafted that would be a dream come true, but i would be totally grateful to go undrafted and getting a opportunity that way also.

Sean: For those reading this who may not be familiar with you what should they know about your game and why should they want you on their favorite team?

Lesley: Im a great shooter, defender, rebounder, and i am continuing to get better in all aspects of the game. They will like me on their favorite team because i am a hard worker & a humble good spirit to have around.

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