Interview with Reigning OVC Player of the year, Austin Peay Forward Terry Taylor

Q: How did you become so under-recruited in High School?

A: “In High School, I didn’t have the grades to attract schools who wanted to recruit me because they weren’t sure if I would have made the cut or not. And on the Basketball side, they weren’t sure what position I would play. I played the 5 in High School, they weren’t sure if I was a guard or too small to guard the post so that was a question mark.”

Q: How many offers did you hold out of High School

A: “I had 3 Offers which were Texas Southern, SEMO, Austin Peay.”

Q: How did you become this much of a star in College Basketball?

A: “I got to a place where I can have access to the gym whenever I wanted. I lived in the gym, I take breaks sometimes but I lived in the gym, I’ll find something I did wrong in-game and perfect it.”

Q: You put your name in the draft, what did teams say about you?

A: “I have to work on my 3-point shooting Percentage, get my Free Throw percentage back up, they had questions on if I can play perimeter offensively or defensively, and I need to get to the line more.”

Q: Did you consider staying in the draft or was it just for feedback?

A: “The whole COVID-19 situation didn’t happen I probably would’ve stayed because I think I could’ve played myself into getting drafted. Since that happened it was to see what I can improve on this season.”

Q: What are your team goals this season?

A: “We have new players so help them get acclimated with the team and help them out whether it be on the court or with school, or if they just need to talk they can come to me to talk, and it’ll stay between us. I was in their shoes before with a whole new coaching staff and a new system, so I can relate to them.”

Q: What are your personal goals?

A: “To win the OVC Championship, we’ve gotten so close three years in a row now, sooner or later we have to knock the door down. We’ve been kicking at it but we haven’t knocked it down yet, now we just have to do it.”

Q: If you guys didn’t lose to Murray St in the OVC Tournament and went on to win it, but didn’t get to play in the tournament how would it have felt?

A: “I would’ve been upset because I haven’t experienced March Madness, but everything happens for a reason, and it’s all up to God.”

Q: What should the world know about you as a person/player?

A: “I’m quiet until I get to know someone, so it can come off as I don’t like you but I’m just shy at times. I’m easy going and don’t try to argue. I’m probably one of the biggest kids on the team always messing with somebody and having fun. As a player, I do whatever I can to try to help the team win. Even if I don’t score I’m going to get rebounds, get assists, set screen do whatever I can. I’m all about my team, the accolades are all good but if we don’t win it doesn’t matter.”

Q: Who’s the toughest player you’ve played against?

A: “There’s 2 of them I’d say either Ja Morant or Dylan Windler. Morant’s court vision is out of this world, athleticism is off the charts, he’s a really great point guard and people really saw what he was. He wasn’t your average Mid-Major player. Windler is a mismatch nightmare, they could use him 1-4 and they’ll put him anywhere and he’ll thrive he can post up guards or wing players since he’s 6’8, he can drive to the cup, and maybe kick it out to a shooter. Defensively he’s super versatile and he’s a really good rebounder. He averaged like 23 and 11 with 3 assists a game so you can’t knock either of them, just kind of wish they were in a different conference.”

Q: What would it mean to you to play in March Madness?

A: “It would be a blessing, it would mean everything to me. Me and coach Figger have been through everything together and to make it in our last year together would mean a lot. For the younger guys to experience it so they can keep it rolling after I leave. It would also help us in future endeavors, if Jordyn Adams has a crazy tournament run he can be a first-round pick. Just making the tournament helps our school so much, maybe get better recruits, upgrade facilities there’s just so much with the tournament that affects a lot of people. “

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