Interview with Richmond Guard Jacob Gilyard!

Huge Thanks to Jacob Gilyard (@G1LYARD) on twitter for taking the time for this interview, shoot him a follow.

Q: You tested the NBA Draft waters but withdrew, with no combine to this point, no in-person meetings what was that like? What did they say?

A: It was hard for me personally because I think I would have gotten a couple workouts and been able to impress some more there, but there was some good feedback. They were impressed with my defensive instincts and feel for the game. They want me to get into more ball screens to see the types of reads I can make and be able to shoot a high percentage from 3 off the catch.

Q: While I’d love to be 5’9”, in Basketball circles it’s considered short, have people always looked past you because of that and does that add fuel to your fire?

A: I feel like all smaller guards play with a chip on their shoulder. I mean you look at guys like Chris Paul, Isiah Thomas, and Allen Iverson, they all have and played with a chip on their shoulder. So I think naturally it’s there, but yeah I think it kind of got me overlooked in high school and probably by the average basketball fan. I’d say it has motivated me because I know I have to work even harder

Q: You guys were set to make the 2019-20 NCAA Tournament, when the news came that the season was cancelled what was the feeling? Fortunately you guys didn’t have seniors, but that doesn’t make it easier I’m sure.

A: I think everybody was devastated. Like that’s what we’ve all worked our whole life for. Especially to have the two seasons before that we had. I think we were all feeling like our work had paid off and then to have that happen just sucked honestly. We bring everybody back but we know we have more work to do.

Q: I have Richmond as #11 in my top 50, I’m higher than you guys than most but I’d say you’ll be a consensus Top-25 team preseason. What do you think can be accomplished next season, returning nearly everyone and get Connor Crabtree and a few recruits.

A: I think if we continue you work and improve on defense we’ll have a chance to make a run in the tournament. Obviously getting deeper will help but the experience is going to propel us over other teams. A difference from last year is that we’ll also be getting everybody’s best shot. I don’t think anybody is going to underestimate us like maybe in past years.

Q: For the people who haven’t seen Richmond the past 3 seasons, what should they know about Jacob Gilyard?

A: I’d say he’s under appreciated. I think a lot of people forget I led the conference in scoring two years ago but I chose to sacrifice some shots this year. So I’m a point guard that can score and make plays for others and is gonna work on the other end. I just want to win and I’ll do whatever it takes to do that.

Once again HUGE thanks to Jacob Gilyard for the interview, Richmond is special this season with the starting-5 of Gilyard, Blake Francis, Nick Sherod, Nathan Cato, and Grant Golden all returning this season.

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