Interview with Siena Star Guard, Jalen Pickett.

Q: After last season where the team went 20-10 and won the MAAC but the tournament was cancelled due to the pandemic, do you often think about what could have been?

A: Yes, I do still think about it. We really started to get it going, we started to click together as a team and a unit and we were really confident going in to our tournament that we were going to win and then hopefully we were going to stay hot and for the first round. We wanted to keep it close all game with a chance at that end, we felt comfortable in late games situations.

Q: You tested the waters of the NBA last season, but didn’t this season even though you still had a great season. Why didn’t you try it again?

A: The reason I did not test the waters this year was because it wasn’t much of a process like it was last year, where I got to travel to different teams and got to compete in front of NBA GMs and front office people. There aren’t any NBA combines this year, at least during the regular time, also I would like to get my degree so I didn’t want to force anything, plus I can go back to school for another year and get closer to it.

Q: With the 3 top scorers from last seasons team returning, you and Manny Camper, Donald Carey all likely to return, what is the expectation this season?

A: The expectations are really high coming into this season because we felt like last year we left at least 4 to 5 games on the table whether that would be due to injuries sickness not following the game plan and now with a year of playing together Don Manny and I can elevate our games to the next level and hopefully we can make a run at a sweet 16 or elite 8 game.

Q: As far as I can see online, you only had a few offers, does not being heavily recruited, did that add fuel to your fire and if so how much?

A: “I had 3 offers before committing to Siena all 3 were MAAC schools in Canisius, Siena and St. Peter’s and My fuel comes from the love of the game. I love basketball and I love playing the game. Schools not recruiting, I don’t even worry about that now because it’s not important. I’m actually glad I didn’t get recruited by a lot of schools because if I did I might have not ended up at Siena and God had a plan for everyone and this was the perfect fit for me and I’m happy to be here. My fuel is trying to get better and bring Siena to new places and places they never thought they can go, they took a chance on me and I’m not going to let them down.

Q: What should the world who may not see much MAAC games know about Jalen Pickett?

A: I love to win so don’t be surprised when you see Siena making noise.

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