Interview with Star Ohio Guard, Jason Preston.

I want to thank Ohio Star guard Jason Preston for taking the time out of his day to talk with me. He’s a player that is really fun to watch and he is one of the top mid-major players in the sport.

Q: Why were you so under-recruited coming out of high school?

A: “When I was in High School I hardly played on my team at all. Also I didn’t play AAU until after I graduated High School. During the summer after graduating High School, I was taking summer College Classes at UCF as a regular student. Then my friend needed some extra players to play with him, and I played well in the tournament, and a coach recommended Prep School to me. Then I did Prep School, and Longwood and Ohio offered me.”

Q: You had a solid Freshman season, but you really turned it on this past season, how did you rise so much this year?

A: “I was able to have the ball in my hands a little more, we had a new coaching staff which put me in the best situation to succeed.

Q: When you graduated High School, did you see what you’ve accomplished as a College Basketball player being possible?

A: “I actually always did, I knew I just needed a real opportunity and I was very blessed that I got it.“

Q: I was surprised you didn’t test the NBA Draft Waters, why didn’t you?

A: “I really just wanted to get feedback on things for next year, and I was able to get that. Now I have things I’m ready to Improve on and show for next year.”

Q: What is the team’s goal for this season?

A: “The Goal is to win a MAC Championship, and make some noise in the NCAA Tournament.”

Q: Does not being recruited out of High School add Fuel to your fire?

A: “For sure, you truly appreciate everything more and it makes you want to work harder and inspire.“

Q: What should the world who hasn’t seen Jason Preston play know?

A: “The World should know, god willing and also that the best is yet to come.”

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