Interview with the man who hit the game-winner to send Sideline Cancer to the Championship, Mo Creek

Q: You spent 3 seasons at Indiana in your College Career, but dealt with a lot of injuries, what do you reflect on most from your time in Bloomington?

A: “Just the tough times I had there, but it was also good because I learned how to persevere and how to get to where I am now.”

Q: You transferred to George Washington for your final season, what went into the decision to transfer for your final season, how did you stay healthy and have a great season?

A: “I just felt like I needed a new opportunity, that’s why I transferred out and honestly going back to George Washington, I decided if I’m going to do it somewhere I want it to be as close to home as possible. GW called me and I practiced with the guys, I knew we had a great core but nobody knew we were that talented and make the NCAA Tournament, and be Top-2 in wins and losses in the DMV area and to do it on a big stage like that was amazing.”

Q: You played overseas, where have you played and what have you learned?

A: “I played in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Finland, and Ukraine twice. What I learned those seasons was how to adapt to a new area and what they wanr out of you. Certain spots want different things and if you can’t fulfil their needs they’ll find someone else to fill it.”

Q: How many times have you played in the TBT?

A: “This is my third time in the TBT, back in New York a few years back with Jermaine Marshall, who unfortunately passed away, this is my 2nd season without him, but we always feel him with us still. He and Remy Abell are really the reasons I played in the TBT in the first place. When we were in Finalnd together, Jermaine and Remy played together and I was on another team, but following a game against each other they asked me if I wanted to play in the TBT and figured out what’s it’s all about and I enjoyed it. We got to build something special, and that’s how we are successful now.”

Q: You and Jermaine Marshall had a good relationship, you said post-game that the shot you made was dedicated to him. How much of this whole run is dedicated to him and is that why you were so emotional yesterday?

A: “Yeah, I was definitely emotional because of that. He knows how hard we worked and for him not to be here as apart of that hurts me because this was supposed to be us three-type thing and building forward and get one title with us three. Now one of us is down then it’s Remy and I, then Marcus Keene took on his role. I was emotional because I felt his presence when I took that shot, it felt so good leaving my hand and I knew it was going in, and I felt his spirit from above.”

Q: You guys beat Team Hines, Challenge ALS, Boeheim’s Army, and Overseas elite. You guys are the #22 seed out of 24 teams, did you guys have an underdog mentality for being underseeded?

A: “I think all of us took that as an underdog mentality, the committee knew they were wrong putting us as a #22 seed, but we were happy just to be one of the 24 teams to make it. You know we all had that chip on our shoulders, we had a goal in mind that we were going to prove something to everybody, and to beat 4 top teams in the tournament, I think the committee would say they were wrong about our ranking and the type of talrnt we have for this team.“

Q: Facing a guy who spent 17 seasons in the NBA like Joe Johnson in this tournament how was it to face someone like that?

A: “It was great, Joe is a savvy veteran, but a class act, someone you want to look up to, somebody you can build off of, and I see why he had a long NBA Career. I learned a lot just watching him from the bench or even playing against him. How to make the game easy for others and just play.”

Q: You guys face the Golden Eagles In the championship, what do you expect in the game?

A: “I just expect a good game, they knocked us out last year, all of our guys will come out with energy, I know that. I have no doubt we can win we just have to go out their and fight for everything.“

Q: With the TBT being the only Basketball in the United States in 4 months, while being on ESPN, do you think NBA teams will take a look at guys like you, Remy Abell, Marcus Keene, Eric Thompson from your team, do you think this will bring a NBA opportunity for guys like you next season?

A: “I would hope so, I mean we have proven ourselves on one if the biggest stages, it isn’t all NBA guys but all 4 of us can fill a role for an NBA Squad, but then again a lot of these teams have NBA Guys on it. We feel ike we are too but haven’t gotten the opportunity, so that puts a chip on our shoulders also to win against NBA guys. With that mind-set we can come out with a torch and destroy our opponents and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

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