Interview with un-decided JUCO product, Barlow Alleruzzo IV

Q: Out of High School did you hold any D-1 offers?

 A: “ I had Two Division 1 Offers from UIC and Chicago State. I Chose the JUCO route to not only get physically stronger, but mentally as well. I wanted to be ready to come in and make an impact as a junior.”

Q: What has playing at a JUCO taught you the most?

A: “Playing at JUCO has not only taught me humility, it has made me a more versatile basketball player as well. Being around a great coaching staff at DMACC and competing against so many high level teammates and players has truly helped me not only as a player but as a person.”

Q: What schools have interest in you?

A: “Some Schools that have interest in me are Alcorn State, Green Bay, and Hawaii to name a few.“

Q: What are you looking for most in your next school?

A: “I’m looking for a place that I can compete at the highest level. Be able to learn from a great coaching staff and group of teammates, as well as, not only pick their brain and form a brotherhood as well. I want to continue to get better and stronger and most important be apart of a winning culture!“

Q: Does being under-the-Radar make you more determined to be great?

A:” Being Under-The-Radar is a blessing in disguise as it has made me go about things in a humble manner and has made me hungrier and more motivated every single day to do what it takes to show people that I can play at the highest level and help impact winning. It helps being slept on because it keeps you even kill and teaches you to stay humble, through high and low moment’s. I always just try to preserve and just grind.”

Q: What position would you consider yourself?

A: “I’d say I’m a Forward, mainly a four but have been working on trying to evolve into a bigger guard or wing-type player. I like to say I’m just a basketball player, somebody you could plug in 1-5 and could not only come in and make in impact not only offensively from all 5 spots but defensively being able to switch and cover all 5 positions as well. I still have areas I need to improve on to do these things at a consistent level such as improving my lateral quickness, a quicker first step and working to become a elite ball handler.”

Q: What would you like the readers to know about you as a player/person, and what you’d can contribute to a program.

A: “I would want the readers to know how much this game truly means to me. It’s what I eat, sleep and breath. I’m investing into doing whatever it takes to help impact a program and winning! Working Countless Hours with many late nights and early morning to try to become the best vision of myself and have the opportunity to become a great college player and have the opportunity to one day possibly be a pro. I’m a no nonsense guy, who is big on forming a brotherhood not only with my teammates, but with the coaching staff as well. I want to continue to learn from many great basketball minds and grow as not only a basketball player but as a person. I am a ultra-competitive person and I pour my heart and soul into every game and do what it takes to win at any means necessary. I want to have the opportunity to show I could lead by example, whether that’s being the first one to the gym and last one to leave, getting up extra shots, showing up to class everyday and doing my best every time I wake out of bed. I’m a very laid back person who enjoys playing video games and spending quality time with friends and family. I appreciate everyone who takes the time out to read this and get to know a little bit about me and my passion for this game. I’m exciting to see where my next chapter in life takes me and I know I will do just find because I have a great group of people supporting me through my endeavors! “

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