Interview with UNCG Star Senior, Isaiah Miller. Interview took place before he opted to return.

Isaiah and I spoke last week, today he announced he’s returning for his Senior Season. I left in the part about when he wanted to decide so people can see where his head was at a week ago.

Q: How many offers did you have out of High School, and why did you pick UNCG?

A: “I had a lot of offers, but they took most of them back because if my grades. The 2 really going after me were East Carolina and UNCG. In my first visit to UNCG, I loved the campus, I loved the people, and the main reason was the coaching staff was really upfront.”

Q: In your Freshman season you guys were a 13 seed in the NCAA Tournament and were up late, but ended up losing after Zach Norvell hit a three, take me through that.

A: “I was excited for that to happen, but also nervous. I was just taking in and cherishing every moment and I though we were going to win that game and make more school history. It also showed me how the NCAA Tournament is.”

Q: Who was your biggest player mentor at UNCG?

A: “It was Marvin Smith, he’s playing in Germany now. He always made sure I was locked in.“

Q: In 2018-19 you guys ended up being the first team out of the tournament, did you guys think you were going to make it on selection Sunday and what was the feeling when you guys didn’t?

A: “I really thought we were going to be in, we had a great non-conference record. In conference we lost to Wofford three times, and then they lost one other game. I really thought we were in because we dominated our non-conference and won a lot of games in conference. When I saw we didn’t make it that just built up more fire to play in NIT and just built up more fire for our team.”

Q: You alongside James Dickey were the true leaders last season, in your first year as a real leader how did you take that role?

A: “I kind of just converted that whole summer, I worked on how to become a leader. How to get everyone on the same page and to stick with their role, how to be more demanding of people. I’m usually not like that, before I was led by example in my Sophomore year. It was a great experience, after I went to the CP3 Camp he was just talking about how he was a leader, so I took his tips and molded it into the team.“

Q: You have your name in the draft still, how long do you plan on staying in?

A: “I’m going to give it until I can decide probably, still have a few teams that want to talk to me. Just taking my time and learning everything I can.”

Q: What have teams wanted you to improve upon the most?

A: “Shooting mostly, free throw shooting, maintaining my defensive effort on a high-scale while I’m out there the whole game. I really only had one team talk about my defensive effort, mainly my shooting and that’s it.”

Q: Why have you struggled shooting so much? Is it a confidence thing since you’re so good at everything else?

A: “It was a confidence thing. Early in the season, I had good rhythm and confidence, then later in the season I lacked confidence. Another thing is I need to be in a comfortable spot to get my shot off, sometimes I wasn’t in a comfortable spot to get a good rhythm.”

Q: Not being able to workout for teams is different, how has it affected your draft stock?

A: “I think it affected it hard because I think if I had worked out for teams they would have their perspective about me shooting and I can’t prove myself without workouts, by proving that I’m not a liability in that way for the League, so it makes things complicated right now.”

Q: What can UNCG do this season?

A: I think we can do a lot we have a lot of great talent, we have an incoming graduate transfer from Central Arkansas, He’s amazing. We have some Freshman coming in. We have a lot of talent this season and we can do big things.”

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