Interview with UWGB Sharpshooter, P.J. Pipes.

Q: Your 3-point percentage raised by a lot this season, what do you contribute that to?

A: “I contribute that to the coaches helping me and shooting on the gun. I started shooting after practice or late at night. Me putting in the time and being consistent with my shoot along with the coaches help really help me gain my confidence as a shooter.”

Q: Who was your biggest mentor at UWGB?

A: “My biggest mentor at Green Bay was Sandy Cohen and Khalil Small they really showed me the ropes and helped me out a lot. They showed me that you have to work hard everyday you can’t just go through the motions some days. The biggest thing was they were always willing to help no matter what they would always try to help you out if your have questions. They were always there to help me and others when we first got into college which was really helpful.”

Q: What have you learned most in your career?

A: “I have learned to never really take anything for granted. Basketball is a privilege that you never know how long you really have left. Another biggest lesson I have learned is to always go for every opportunity possible. You never know the doors you can open up if you never take a chance whether it is on or off the court.”

Q: What do you think this team can accomplish this season?

A: “I think we can accomplish a lot as a whole. I feel like a lot of people are already writing us off. With the pieces we have coming back and coming in I know we can for sure compete at the top of the Horizon. We control our own destiny.”

Q: What’s your biggest personal/team goals?

A: “My biggest goal for this year is to win the Horizon and finish top of the league. I know we can do it we just have to by in and trust each other that will be the biggest key for us this year.”

Q: What would it mean to you if you played in the NCAA Tournament?

A: “It would mean the world to me. I have been working since I was young to be in the NCAA tournament and with this being my last year I really want to be able to experience it. I have heard the wonderful stories of being able to experience the Big Dance and I want to experience that with this group of guys!”

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