Makur Maker will be picking his College Destination next week.

Makur Maker tweeted he will be attending College rather than jumping straight to the NBA as his Cousin Thon Maker did. His final list is Memphis, Kentucky, UCLA, Howard. He’s very athletic, can score and he’s a good defender. I’ll dive into the four options of schools he could attend for this upcoming season.

Howard: While I think it would be awesome to see Top Prospects go to HBCU’s I don’t think it happens with Maker. I just don’t think for guys who aren’t sure-fire first-rounders, they are better off going to a school where they are Nationally Televised. Maybe in a few years, that changes with more high-level prospects going to these schools but it probably doesn’t happen with Maker.

UCLA: The Bruins have 2 really solid big-men in Cody Riley and Jalen Hill already, but I think that Maker would start at the 5 alongside Hill, should he go to UCLA. I really like the fit with him going with Mick Cronin due to how much he focused on defense with his guys. If Maker really wants to focus on his great defense and developing in that way he could easily be convinced to go to UCLA.

Kentucky: Still waiting on the waiver decision for Olivier Sarr (he should receive one but you never know). The Wildcats are in big trouble if Sarr doesn’t receive a waiver. That’s a big risk for Maker going to a school with a star big-man, not knowing his status on being able to play this season. He may be relegated to more of a reserve role if Sarr plays, if not Maker can be a star for that Kentucky team.

Memphis: Last Season, Coach Hardaway had two, star big-men in James Wiseman, who quit the team having only played three games, and Precious Achiuwa who was amazing last season. They run a very pro-style offense, but they also have very good bigs in DJ Jeffries and De’Andre Williams from Evansville, who could receive a waiver.

Prediction: UCLA.

I think Jalen Hill and Cody Riley are good players, but not difference-makers as Matur Makur is. This is the place with the least amount of questions, which makes for a team he could go to. The team will run some offense through him with a great one-Guard in Tyger Campbell, good shooters in Johnny Juzang, Jaime Jaquez, Jake Kyman. The Bruins have sky-high potential in 2020-21 with or without Maker but they are definitely a better team with him in the fold.

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