Marcus Carr returns to Minnesota for his Junior Season

This is big news but for the most part expected for Richard Pitino’s team. This is a team that could be really good or really subpar. The NCAA will decide how good they could be as they can grant two different transfers waivers. Both Gach who played at Utah is returning home, so he should 100% get a waiver. Then you have Liam Robbins who has a family member on the coaching staff but is that enough of a case for a waiver? It could be but I’m not sure honestly. If I were a decision-maker, I would give him a waiver because there should be a one-time waiver rule anyways. They lose Daniel Oturu which is a huge blow but it was expected. Daniel Oturu was so good last season and they need to see who can piece enough together to replace him, it’ll be interesting to see.

Here’s their Lineup for next season:

PG: Marcus Carr

SG: Gabe Kalschuer

SF: Both Gach (Needs waiver)

PF: Brandon Johnson (Western Michigan)

C: Martice Mitchell

Bench: Jamal Mashburn Jr, Isaiah Ihnen, David Mutaf, Jarvis Omersa, Tre Williams, Eric Curry

If Gach and Robbins get waivers this is a tournament team, if not I think they may be an NIT team but have a wide range of outcomes.

Carr averaged 15 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game last season but he only shot 39% from the field, and 36% from deep last season. He needs to be more efficient and I think that overall he needs to improve as a player. I like Carr a lot but he needs to become more of a star rather than a guy who’s good on a subpar team.

Kalschuer is a guy who is so streaky and a rhythm shooter. He was bad in his Sophomore Season and he needs to improve upon his Sophomore slump and shoot near 40% from deep this season.

Isaiah Ihnen is a guy I like a lot. The now-sophomore is a pick-and-pop 4/5, he just adds a bunch of versatility to the squad and it’s something each team needs and will be a vital piece off the bench this season for the Gophers

I think Minnesota will win 15-16 games if there is a full-season, they seem destined to go to the NIT.

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