Ole Miss wing, Blake Hinson has entered the Transfer Portal.

Ole Miss wing Blake Hinson has entered the transfer portal. This is move here for the 6’7” Junior wing, he’s a sit-one, play-two. Granted he could to his home state of Florida and try to get a waiver that way. He averaged 10 points, and 5 rebounds per game last season, while shooting 39% from the field, 31% from deep, he’s also a good defender. Here’s some potential options.

Florida State: This is less than an hour from his hometown, as far as I can count they have one open scholarship, but even if they don’t they can make room for one. Hinson is really the kind of player Leonard Hamilton likes and wants to develop. He would apply for a waiver to play this season for Florida State and would probably get it, if the Johnny Juzang to UCLA thing means anything. Although Mississippi to Florida is far closer than Kentucky to California, but at the same time it’s still an 11 hour drive, hard to get home often for Hinson. Florida Stare recruited him out of high school and they probably will again, he’d be a great switchable player for the Seminoles.

Florida: Again in his home state, he would maybe get a waiver, and is type of player Mike White seems to like. He’s a big wing, good defender, offense needs work but he has the talent. Pair him with Scottie Lewis, Keyonte Johnson and that’s a really nice trio. I don’t see this as a likely scenario but certainly a possibility. Maybe he wouldn’t even apply for a waiver to attend Florida though, he may just be the Scottie Lewis/Keyonte Johnson replacement.

Wichita State: The Shockers still have open spots after half of their team left this offseason (Stevenson, Sherfield, Fernandes, Burton, Mitgaard). He spent his Senior Season if high school at Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita, Kansas, he wouldn’t be expected to receive a waiver since it’s not home for him more than likely, but sitting wouldn’t be the worst thing. Wichita State is in for a tough season. They did recruit him out of High School and are probably super familiar than him, I would imagine Gregg Marshall saw a lot of him that season and probably really wanted him, now he gets his shot again.

Georgetown: Let’s be honest at this point Georgetown probably will call everybody, they’ve lost so many players in the last 6 months I can’t even keep track. They need to finish out filling their roster, and to be honest Hinson would be a star for them in 2021-22. They also lose Jamarko Pickett after the season so he would replace him and it would be a seamless transition.

Iowa State: Another school that lost a lot but was able to get some more pieces in Tyler Harris (Memphis), Jalen Coleman-Lands (DePaul), Coleman-Lands is a Senior and has to be nearing 30 at this point in what will be his sixth season of eligibility, he’s gone after the season. Solomon Young also leaves following the season so they’ll need to pick-up more of the pieces again in Ames after the season, they’ve been after everybody for the most part so no reason that should change with Hinson. Steve Prohm has went after a ton of transfers in his time at Iowa State and that will continue here, don’t be shocked when they are in contact.

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