Oregon Transfer CJ Walker, a former 5-Star prospect Commits to UCF

Oregon transfer CJ Walker returns home to Florida to play for Coach Johnny Dawkins. This is a huge huge get for the Knights I can’t emphasize that enough, he’ll probably get a waiver. Let’s talk about their roster going into next year with the assumption that he will get a waiver.

PG: Darius Perry (Louisville)

SG: Darin Green Jr

SF: C.J. Walker (Oregon)

PF: Collin Smith

C: Avery Diggs

Bench: Brandon Mahan, Sean Mobley (VCU), Dre Fuller Jr, Isaiah Adams, Tony Johnson Jr, Ibrahim Famouke Doumbia, Moses Bol

I really am intrigued by this team, they could be a tournament team and I wouldn’t be shocked, especially since this Walker addition really fills a big need. Collin Smith is quite a good player for the Knights for a while, he’s 6’11 240 and super strong and will be a force down low. Having a guy like C.J. Walker who can play the 3/4 is huge, he’s so athletic and will be able to get buckets down-low on teams like Houston who are struggling with size. Walker posted a video of him dunking over 4 different players the other day, that’s not normal for most players in college or the NBA. He’s just a different kind of athlete and he should receive a waiver, this will be one of the more underrated teams this season, watch out!

Adding a guy like Darius Perry who spent 3 years at Louisville and played a solid role will be big. Him going to a worse conference after playing in arguably the best conference on some good teams will be something UCF will value a ton, this is a tournament caliber squad if things click.

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