Rhode Island has received waivers for the Mitchell Twins and Jalen Carey. What’s the outlook for the Rams?

I was as low as anyone probably most of this offseason assuming that the Mitchell twins couldn’t play until the 2nd semester, and Jalen Carey wasn’t expected to play at all this season, there were a lot of questions that were there and somewhat still are, but this team is much more solidified. Mahkel and Mahki Mitchell the twins who transferred from Maryland are now eligible to play immediately, they will both play and play often. Both are very talented but didn’t play a ton at Maryland and opted to leave. Jalen Carey a former four-star recruit who started at Cuse hardly played this seasons due to injury. They return Fatts Russell who don’t get me wrong is a talented player, but a tad overblown stat wise. He averaged 18.8 points per game, but 38.8% shooting from the field just isn’t getting it done enough of the time. His 35% shooting from three is vastly improved upon his 22% from the previous season but I’d like to see him just distribute more, take less shots and setup more. Take a look at Richmond’s Jacob Gilyard, he averaged 13 points per game in 2019-20, he led the A-10 in scoring in 2017-18. He was more efficient and setup his teammates more which made the team better, Russell should do the same thing.


PG: Fatts Russell

SG: Jeremy Sheppard

SF: Antwan Walker (Georgetown)

PF: Jermaine Harris

C: Mahki Mitchell (Maryland)

Bench: Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland), Jalen Carey (Syracuse), Ileri Ayo-Faleye, Ishmael Leggett, D.J. Johnson

Additions: Antwan Walker (Georgetown), Mahki Mitchell (Maryland), Jalen Carey (Syracuse), Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland)

Departures: Jeff Dowtin, Cyril Langevine, Tyrese Martin (UConn), Mekhi Long, Jacob Toppin (Kentucky)

This is now a very solid team I’d put them tied with UMass at #4 I’m just not sure I can pick between the two but I lean UMass. David Cox looked to have a disastrous season on his hands but he definitely did the most he could and turned it around. The Rams still are probably not an NCAA Tournament level team this year but they definitely can contend with the top teams in the league.

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