Seven Candidates to lead College Basketball in scoring this season

With all-time Big East-leading scorer and the 2019-20 scoring king, Markus Howard out of the fold, let’s discuss a player that can lead College Basketball in scoring this season. First off, Let me breakdown the Top-10 from last season.

  1. Markus Howard 27.8 PPG, Marquette SR
  2. Jhivvan Jackson 26.8 PPG, UTSA JR
  3.  Jermaine Marrow 24.8 PPG, Hampton SR
  4.  Antoine Davis 24.3 PPG, Detroit SO 
  5.  Luka Garza 23.9 PPG Iowa JR
  6.  Mike Smith 22.8 PPG, Columbia JR (Transfer to Michigan)
  7.  Jerrick Harding 22.2 PPG, Weber State SR
  8.  Mason Jones 22.0 PPG, Arkansas JR (NBA Draft)
  9.  Ben Stanley 22.0 PPG, Hampton (Transfer to Xavier)
  10.  Jordan Roland 21.9 PPG, Northeastern SR

Now let’s get into this season.

Jhivvan Jackson – UTSA

Jackson finished second in scoring last season, only trailing Howard, so it’s only right to include him here. He’s an immensely talented scorer, while the Roadrunners struggled much of last season. Jackson had an astonishingly and almost unsustainable 35.7% Usage rate. Last season Jackson shot 312 threes and he shot 35% from deep on those, very good especially with such a significant number of three-point attempts. He’ll likely still shot the ball a ton but I almost think it would serve him well to pass a bit more, with that being said his teammates need to hit the shots. Keaton Wallace also averaged 18 PPG but he was far less effective. Players like Jacob Germany and Luka Barisic will need to step up and take their share of shots to help the team succeed. Also if others can hit their shots that will open up the floor more for Jackson to score more. In an ideal world for UTSA those players step up and provide some scoring punch but if not, we’ve seen what Jackson can do.

Antoine Davis – Detroit Mercy

Antoine Davis, the son of Head Coach Mike Davis returns for his Junior season to try and take his shot as the scoring king this season. The solution for Davis to get more Points-Per-Game is relatively simple in my eyes, if he works on his shooting he will average close to 30 points a game. Davis shot 312 3-pointers last season but he only shot 32% from three in 2019-20. One important thing about Davis is that there’s a chance he can improve as a deep-range shooter, he shot 38% from three two seasons ago, along with 90% from the charity stripe this past season. The slight drop in performance from Year 1 to Year 2 is slightly concerning but there’s reason to believe he can revert to his previous form. As long as Davis stays consistent at the line and becomes more efficient Davis will have a chance to lead the sport in scoring.

Ashan Asadullah – Lipscomb

Asadullah is now entering his junior season looks to continue to make a name for himself after an amazing Sophomore season. As a Sophomore, Asdullah averaged 18.6 PPG while shooting 52% from-the-field on 15.6 attempts per game. The biggest issue for Asadullah last season was his free-throw shooting ability. He only shot 51% from the line while having 4.3 shots from the line per game. Asadullah also had to play with a knee brace last season, which can somewhat limit his mobility. He’s 6’8″ and 265 pounds, physically imposing frame of Asadullh makes for a matchup nightmare for smaller players in the A-SUN. If he improves as a free throw shooter, he has a real shot to lead the country in scoring.

Jacob Davison – Eastern Washington

Last season was the real coming-out party for Davison. The star of the team was senior big man, Mason Peatling. With Peatling having graduated the brunt of the work is now on Davison’s shoulders. The big thing with Davison is that he’s super-efficient, he shot 45% from-the-floor, while only shooting 31% from three. The Eagles look to be the heavy favorites in their league. If Davison can improve his shooting ability from deep while continuing to be efficient in all other facets he can compete for the scoring title. Keep your eyes on the Big Sky and Davison

Isaiah Miller – UNC Greensboro

The player with the highest usage rate in College Basketball returns. While he isn’t at the top of this list in terms of how much he scored last season, he has one glaring issue that can be fixed. He struggled mightily shooting last season, only shooting 23% from three, along with only shooting 53% from the charity stripe. Miller is a fantastic player but he just left a ton of points at the line. Miller got to the line 4.3 times-per-game but he really couldn’t make them at a consistent rate. Wes Miller’s squad also has some good secondary scorers in Kaleb Hunter and Keyshaun Langley who might force teams to focus less than usual on Miller due to the other’s ability to score at a high-level also. I truly believe that if Miller fixes the shooting issue he could not only be the scoring king but an All-American level player as well.

Terry Taylor – Austin Peay

Terry Taylor, one of the most physically imposing players in College Basketball will use his 6’5,” 225 pound frame and use his strength at the rack. Taylor’s biggest issue is similar to Miller’s, his free-throw shooting isn’t near as consistent as it should be. Taylor averaged 21.8 PPG as a Junior, shooting 55% from-the-field, 32% from three, and 65% from the line. His 32% shooting from three is good, but he’s shown he can be better shooting 42% from three his Freshman season. The only difference between Taylor and every other player on this list is that he has another star alongside him. The other star being Jordyn Adams, a Sophomore guard. Taylor is the Mid-Major version of Zion Williamson and needs to be known as a national name, he’s proven that he deserves it.

Luka Garza – Iowa

The lone High-Major player on this list, ranking in the top five in scoring last season averaging an eye-popping 23.9 PPG. Garza is a 6’11” Big-Man, who can step out and shoot consistently while being a great scorer inside. Last season, he shot 35% from three. Can he improve upon that? I think so. There are videos of Garza drilling threes, he shows a shot with more confidence and more range. If he can shoot 40% from three, quite frankly that would be unfair. One thing to consider with Garza and Iowa is that they’ll need to score often due to the abysmal defense they have. They may allow 80 points a night, but they could score 90 with the 2019-20 Big Ten POTY leading the charge. The one glaring problem for Garza last season was his free-throw shooting last season. He only shot 65% from the line while getting there a frequent amount, which is likely is to improve.

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