St John’s Transfer, L.J. Figueroa is headed to Eugene to play for Oregon.

Huge news in the PAC-12 as L.J. Figueroa is off to Oregon. He’s a sit-one play-one guy, who will apply for a waiver but in my opinion, he has a small case for the waiver. I’ve read he could use the “New York was a hotspot for COVID-19” but that’s not an issue there anymore so I highly doubt that works, the other argument he could use is that when Chris Mullin was fired, he stayed and didn’t develop a relationship with Mike Anderson, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but he could use it. He never did fit Mike Anderson’s system but I don’t know if that earns him a waiver or not, I doubt it. Let’s say he doesn’t get a waiver, that may almost be more beneficial for the Ducks, to be honest, they’ll lose Chris Duarte and likely Will Richardson will be off to the NBA following his Junior season, they’ll need guards more next season than this one. Let’s look at what a lineup could look like in 2021-22 obviously things are way subject to change especially since we’re 17 months from the 2021-22 season, but it’ll be an idea of it.

PG- Aaron Estrada (St Peter’s)

SG- L.J. Figueroa (St John’s)

SF- Addison Patterson

PF- C.J. Walker

C- Chandler Lawson

Bench: Lok Wur, Jalen Terry

Obviously, that’s a small roster and they’ll add more, but they will lose Chris Duarte, Eric Williams Jr, Eugene Omoruyi, and Amauri Hardy as they are all seniors. I also think Will Richardson and N’Faly Dante are NBA Bound following the season. Things could change and this is all hypothetical if the season doesn’t happen. What does it look like if there is no season? Everyone can return and you will also get Figueroa and Estrada? Obviously none of us want that and I doubt it happens, but in today’s world, it’s possible. I’ll be devastated if there’s no season, but this virus seems to be getting worse before it gets better, but hopefully, by November, we’re fine.

I know some people may ask WHAT IF he does get a waiver, for that possibility, I’ll entertain it with their rotation.

PG- Will Richardson

SG- Chris Duarte

SF- L.J. Figueroa (St John’s)

PF- Eugene Omoruyi (Rutgers)

C- N’Faly Dante

Bench: Amauri Hardy (UNLV), Addison Patterson, C.J. Walker, Chandler Lawson, Jalen Terry, Eric Williams Jr (Duquense) elite-level team with championship chances.

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