Stony Brook Graduate Transfer, Andrew Garcia commits to Georgia

Andrew Garcia, a 6’5” guard from Harlem, NY joined the portal along with Elijah Olaniyi (Miami), and Makale Foreman. Garcia was the 12th ranked player on my transfer rankings list, behind both of his former teammates. Garcia had 13 PPG, 6 RPG as the starting shooting guard for the Seawolves this past season. He’s not a great shooter from deep at 32%, but more than serviceable.

Garcia’s commitment marks the 2nd graduate transfer Tom Crean has added to the Bulldogs the other being former George Mason guard, Justin Kier. Georgia was disappointing last season with one of the top recruits and the possible number one draft pick, in Anthony Edwards. Rayshaun Hammonds also has left for the draft after the season. Georgia had a better season under Crean in year 2 after a brutal first season, but still not good enough with the amount of talent that team had last season. Now let’s get into 2020-21 Georgia Bulldogs rotation.

PG- Sahvir Wheeler

SG- Justin Kier (George Mason)

SF- Andrew Garcia (Stony Brook)

PF- Toumani Camara

C- Tyron McMillan (JUCO)

Bench: Christian Brown, Tye Fagan, Mike Peake, K.D. Johnson, Josh Taylor, Mikal Starks, Jonathan Ned.

There’s a lot of newcomers on this team, 5 of which are Freshman and 2 are transfers. Sahvir Wheeler running the offense will be good as he continues to develop as a player and he’s very talented. I almost think losing Hammonds is more detrimental long-term than losing Anthony Edwards, this team lacks size the tallest being 6’8 and they have 4 guys at that size. Ideally they would like to add someone 6’10+ from the Portal but there’s just nobody there that can play this season that’ll be worth it. Maybe they can dip into the JUCO Waters again like they did with McMillan. Unless Kier or Garcia become All-SEC players. I’m not sure Georgia improves at all. They’ve talent in Nic Claxton this past season, now Edwards and Hammonds but they aren’t getting better. They need some of these Freshman to step up, will they? That’s to be seen but they’ll need some guys to step up if they want to be an NCAA Tournament or NIT Contender.

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