Tyrell Terry leaves his name in the NBA Draft, forgoing his eligibility.

Tyrell Terry, a player who can go anywhere from 18-40 but seems close to a first round draft pick, has decided to head to the NBA Draft. This seems like a good move for Terry by staying in the draft and starting his pro career. I didn’t see this happening a year ago but props to Terry for over-performing expectations.

Terry averaged 14.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.4 steals per game last season. He shot 40.8% from deep and he has a very pretty jumper. He is one of the smartest players and best shooters in the draft. He’s only 160 pounds, so his weight could hurt him defensively at the next level but he could bulk up. He’s not the best athlete but has tremendous feel for the game. I would take him over many of the PG’s in this class such as Nico Mannion, Tre Jones, Malachi Flynn, Cassius Winston, and Grant Riller. I think Terry can play a big role for a really good team the next decade or so, he could be the next Patty Mills type player as a floor and a high level starter as a ceiling. He seems like low risk guy.

Now what does this mean for Stanford? They return pretty much everyone except for Terry.


PG: Daejon Davis

SG: Bryce Wills

SF: Ziaire Williams

PF: Spencer Jones

C: Oscar Da Silva

Bench: Max Murrell, Brandon Angel, Lukas Kisunas, Jaiden Delaire, Noah Taitz, Michael O’Connell, James Keefe

Departures: Isaac White, Tyrell Terry, Kodye Pugh

Additions: Ziaire Williams, Max Murrell, Michael O’Connell, Noah Taitz, Brandon Angel

This is a super talented team even without Terry. They add the best recruit in program history, surpassing the Lopez Twins, in Ziaire Williams. He’s a big 6’8” wing who can really do it all, he could be a great 3-and-D guy but will be a star in College Hoops this year. He’s a top-10 recruit for a reason it’s awesome for a top guy like him to pick Stanford, he’s due for a huge season.

With returning Oscar Da Silva you get a guy who was a First Team All-PAC-12 last season, had 15.7 points and 6.4 rebounds per game. He’s not a great athlete which can hurt him defensively but he’s decent enough as a defender. He’s not super strong but uses great moves down low to be able to get good looks down-low but is also a serviceable deep ball shooter at 31%. I’d like to see him get stronger and become more of a real center for this squad.

Bryce Wills is a great athlete, but he really can’t shoot at all. He shot 14% from deep, which won’t get it done from a guard it just won’t, he will need to fix that. He can be an elite defender one day but needs more time to develop. Daejon Davis is a true Point Guard, but didn’t have that role with Terry this season. He averaged 8.8 points, 3.2 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and 1.7 steals per game, he’s a good defender but struggled offensively this season possibly due to being not the main ball-handler. His biggest issue is turning the ball over entering his Senior season now his turnovers have went down each year from 4.0 his sophomore season all the way to 2.6 steals last season, that needs continue the downward trend. He’s kind of regressed each season, he shot 40% from deep his Freshman season then but shot 32% a season ago.

Spencer Jones is a guy I’m on the bandwagon for, he’s an elite shooter at 43% from deep last season as a True Freshman. He has a beautiful jump shot, he’s versatile being able to be a wing guy or a 4-man and he’s a decent rebounder and has good size. Jaiden Delaire is a talented guy who could breakout this season. He’s a big lean 4-man who is 6’9” and 200 pounds which is Wing size. He can be a complete difference maker for the squad this season be able to step in when Da Silva is in foul trouble or just needs a breather. Even if he can set in and score 6 points and get 5 rebounds per game, that’s plenty out of a 20 Minute-Per-Game type of player.

The other newcomers:

Stanford has a 4-star recruit with Michael O’Connell. The thing about him is that he’s a former Lacrosse star in High School who could’ve played either sport in College but opted to play basketball. He should play a bench role this season and be the Daejon Davis replacement of the future. Brandon Angel is a player that I could see being the next biggest contributor but he plays the same type of game as Spencer Jones and is the same size. I just want to see how they use him along with Ziaire Williams and Jones. Jerod Haase has a lot of figuring out to do rotation wise but I could see him making a difference. Max Murrell could be a player that gets considered for red-shirting, I think he has a bright future but he’s 6’9” and 195 pounds while not being an elite athlete. He won’t play more than Da Silva, Delaire, Williams, Jones and maybe Angel. Noah Taitz is another guy I see being more of a future guy who can knock down three’s.

I see Jerod Haase getting his first Tournament bid for the first time in Palo Alto. While coaching Stanford is one of the toughest D-1 Job due to not being able to take transfers, being able to lose them such as Reid Travis and Cormac Ryan.

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