With the news of the Ivy League scrapping all sports till January 1st at earliest, what players could decide to transfer?

There’s a ton of super talented Ivy League Hoopers, and while they can still do school and get that education the Ivy League doesn’t give scholarships anyways. Might as well go get a scholarship and get another offer of education if you want a future in Basketball. I don’t blame anyone that stays or leaves as nobody should. I highly doubt the Ivy League plans on playing at all, that’s not where they make a lot of money doing and the scheduling in conference play is so ridiculous. I’m not saying they made a bad decision delaying/canceling some sports, I understand it but instill think for Basketball it’s still too far ahead of time to know things for sure, but I’m not shocked at all. Athletes aren’t allowed to redshirt at an Ivy League school, that’s why you see so many Grad Transfer, like Makai Mason (Yale-Baylor), Seth Towns (Harvard-OSU), Bryce Aiken (Harvard-Seton Hall) just to name a few.

Though players who will transfer and receive a scholarship at a new school will have to sit-out unless they can graduate and transfer, I think all players that choose to leave should get waivers, there’s no reason they should have to sit out. Before people say “it’s not happening” or “pipe dream” to me in response to this, we are 4 months away from the season starting and if we are holding out for a vaccine to resume sports, who knows how long that could take because the idea of the vaccine being ready and available for everyone in October or November is something that is likely unrealistic and that’s the hard truth. Now let’s talk hoops.

Here are players who could opt to transfer:

Paul Atkinson Yale

Azar Swain Yale

Brendan Barry Dartmouth

Chris Knight Dartmouth

Gabe Stefanini Colombia

Jaelin Llewellyin Princeton

Richmond Aririguzoh Princeton

Drew Friberg Princeton

Ethan Wright Princeton

Matthue Cotton Yale

Rio Haskett Harvard

Chris Ledlum Harvard

Kale Catchings Harvard

Danilo Djuricic Harvard

Jimmy Boeheim Cornell

Dan Friday Brown

Tamaneng Choh Brown

David Mitchell Brown

Ike Nweke Colombia

Tai Bibbs Colombia

Jordan Dingle Penn

Max Martz Penn

Justin Forrest Colombia

Taurus Samuels Dartmouth

Unsure who may or may not enter the portal, but I figured I’d throw some names out there.

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