With Tyrese Martin getting a waiver, UConn can win the Big East

Huge Big East news coming today as Tyrese Martin, a transfer from Rhode Island, has received a waiver. In his Sophomore season, Martin averaged 12.8 points and 7.1 rebounds per game, while he shot 43% from-the-field, and 32% from deep. For this team, he’ll play more of the wing but he can play some minutes at the two.

PG: James Bouknight
SG: R.J. Cole (Howard)
SF: Tyrese Martin (Rhode Island)
PF: Andre Jackson
C: Josh Carlton
Bench: Tyler Polley, Adama Sanogo, Javonte Brown-Ferguson, Isaiah Whaley, Brendan Adams
Additions: R.J. Cole (Howard), Tyrese Martin (Rhode Island), Adama Sanogo, Andre Jackson, Javonte Brown-Ferguson
Departures: Sid Wilson (SIUE), Alterique Gilbert (Wichita State), Christian Vital

I love the talent of this squad. They have a potential All-American in James Bouknight, he’s an elite-level athlete. If he can improve upon his shooting from 34% closer to the high-30’s, that’ll be something that can not only make him an All-American but a Big East Player of the year candidate. It took Bouknight a while to get into the fold following an early-season suspension. Once he got it going mid-to-late in the season he was fantastic.

They have R.J. Cole, a transfer from Howard. In 2018-19 Cole averaged 21.4 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per game for the Bison. Cole shot 38% from deep which is something the Huskies will need this season. I have Cole listed at the two, but I think Bouknight and Cole will split time at the lead guard spot. I’d love to see Cole play mostly off the ball, let him find his way around the court and find some open three’s.

Tyrese Martin is the reason for writing this, and I love his ability. His rebounding ability for his size is incredible he’s good at the hoop but has shooting improvements to make with being only 32% last season. He won’t be heavily relied on to be a bucket getter for the Huskies but that’ll allow him to get his chances.

Andre Jackson might be the best athlete in the 2020 class, he will be able to defend 2-5 that’ll allow him to get a lot of playing time. I’m not sure he’ll be much of a scorer. I think he has to find his identity what it comes to that. He might be a two or wing. Though he doesn’t have the shooting yet for that I like him most at the four, maybe get some lobs or put-backs with his defense and figure out the rest later.

The longest main-stay in the team, Josh Carlton is back once more, he’s such a puzzling player to watch. Foul trouble is an issue on the defensive side and free-throw shooting is a disaster on offense. He gets to the line but, at a 50% clip, it needs to be improved. At some point, I could see Carlton losing his starting nod to incoming Freshman, Adama Sanogo, or Javonte Brown-Ferguson. Sanogo is a defensive-minded center who will get much more playing time as the season goes on. He reclassified into the 2020 class a few months back and committed to UConn. Brown-Ferguson is a 6’11” 3-Star recruit, not sure how much of a role he’ll play this season but, if an injury comes up, he’s there.

Akok Akok is a question mark I have him not playing this season as of right now. He’s one of the best defenders in College Hoops he has a huge wing-span and can throw down some good lobs, but isn’t much on offense just yet. He tore his Achilles late last season and Dan Hurley said he wants to play it safe with Akok, so I’m not sure we’ll see him this season.

I currently have UConn 3rd in the Big East, but close to 2nd for me.

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