Bracket Watch: BYU poised to be a nightmare for Selection Committee

There are many varying factors that are in play when it comes to the NCAA Tournament but one that could potentially have major ramifications is the seeding of the BYU Cougars. This is because of the fact that the Cougars are not allowed to play on Sunday. This leads to a situation in which the Cougars are only allowed to play in select tournament sites, which could affect their seeding.

The Cougars right now can be seen seeded anywhere from the 7 to the 9 line, in any recent Bracketology. This presents a problem for any Bracketologist given the recent Tournament seedings. The only two regions that BYU could go to were the west and the midwest regions based on the Sunday rule.

The problem is that the out four teams in the selected area where they would be seeded, the only Thursday-Saturday First two round games came with Gonzaga being the projected one seed, which obviously they won’t be able to play that game because Gonzaga is in their conference.

As a result of this, the NCAA Tournament committee is left with two choices when it comes to the seeding of BYU. The first of which is to ask a team like Kansas or Dayton if they wouldn’t mind traveling an extra hour or two to accommodate the Cougars Sunday issue. The second of which is to drop the Cougars an extra few seed lines in order to make that work.

The good news is that there is, of course, a chance that we could potentially see the Cougars move up or down the seed list, while Dayton is not necessarily locked into the two seed in the Midwest Region. We could potentially see movement between teams that changes this all around and avoids this issue but if nothing else changes, the NCAA Tournament committee is going to be faced with a really tough decision when it comes to the Cougars.

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