Bracketology: Big Ten road woes

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner

Updated December 16th, 2019

Midwest Region (Indianapolis)South Region (Houston)
1.Ohio State (Cleveland)1.Kansas (Omaha)
16.Rider16.St. Francis (PA)/ NC Central
8.Wichita State8.Utah State
4.Dayton (Tampa Bay)4.Florida State (Spokane)
13.Belmont13.Stephen F Austin
5.Virginia5.Michigan State
3.Butler (Albany)3.Maryland (Greensboro)
14.Havard14.Wright State
6.Washington6.San Diego State
11.Illinois/ Arizona State11.Oklahoma State/ Georgetown
2.Baylor (St. Louis)2.Louisville (St. Louis)
15.Georgia Southern15.North Dakota State
10.Penn State10.Colorado
West Region (Los Angles) East Region (New York City)
1.Gonzaga (Spokane)1.Duke (Greensboro)
16.Sacramento State/ Texas Southern16.Radford
8.West Virginia8.Florida
4.Auburn (Tampa Bay)4.Michigan (Sacramento)
13.UNC Greensboro13.New Mexico State
5.Texas Tech5.Arizona 
3.Villanova (Albany)3.Kentucky (Omaha)
11.Iowa11.NC State
2.Oregon (Sacramento)2.Memphis (Cleveland)
15.UC Irvine 15.Deleware
10.Seton Hall10.North Carolina

First Five Out: Oklahoma, St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Iowa State

Next Five Out: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Uconn, USC, Pittsburgh

Bracketology Updates: 

Houston moves out of the Bracketology altogether, Oklahoma State moves into of the projected field of 68 replacing Oklahoma. 

Purdue moves from a 4 to a 6 seed following a loss to Nebraska. Florida State and Texas Tech move up a seed line each. 

North Carolina moves down to the ten line, following a loss to Wofford. Tennessee, Creighton, West Virginia and Stanford all move up a seed line each.

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