Bracketology: Look ahead to next year

Sadly we are not currently talking about what was an outstanding first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and that is unfortunately because there was no NCAA Tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We here at Making the Madness are hoping everyone stays safe and remains indoors for the time being as to not only help keep yourself safe but also those around you safe as well. While we aren’t able to talk about this year’s NCAA Tournament, it seems like a good time to start looking ahead to next year and for me, that starts with a way to early Bracketology. What I have done is look at every team with a chance at an at-large bid and projected each rotation as you can see here with my projected rotations sheet. Thanks again for reading this edition of my Bracketology and I wish everyone a good offseason.

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner

Updated March 22nd, 2020

Midwest Region (Minneapolis)South Region (Memphis)
1.Creighton (Wichita)1.Baylor (Dallas)
16.Robert Morris/ North Carolina Central16.Florida Gulf Coast/ Texas Southern
4.UCLA (San Jose)4.Houston (Boise)
13.Yale13.South Dakota Stage
5.Michigan State5.Rutgers
12.North Texas12.Northern Iowa
3.North Carolina (Lexington)3.Kentucky (Detroit)
11.South Carolina11.Louisville 
2.Wisconsin (Detroit)2.Virginia (Raleigh)
15.Wright State15.Winthrop
7.Oklahoma State7.Purdue
10.Memphis10.St. John’s
West Region (Denver)East Region (Brooklyn)
1.Gonzaga (Boise)1.Villanova (Providence)
16.UC Irvine16.Boston University
9.San Diego State9.Florida
4.Texas Tech (San Jose)4.Tennessee (Providence)
13.New Mexico State13.Vermont
5.Arizona State5.West Virginia
12.Murray State12.UNC Greensboro
3.Iowa (Dallas)3.Ohio State (Lexington)
14.Deleware 14.Georgia State
6.Florida State6.Texas
11.Providence/ St. Louis11.NC State/ Utah
2.Kansas (Wichita)2.Duke (Raleigh) 
15.Montana15.Abiline Christian

NIT One Seeds: Syracuse, Xavier, Miami, Georgia Tech

The Next Five: Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, Butler, USC

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