Midseason Hot Seat Candidates

Midseason Hot Seat Candidates

We a little more than halfway through the season and much of the season has been determined. As a result, some coaches are moving on or off the hot seat list by the way their teams are playing this season. What I wanted to do is give a midseason hot seat list that looks at what programs could or are likely going to move on from their current head coaches. For this, I am going to list the head coach that is on the hot seat, talk about why they are on the hot seat, describe how hot their seat is right now, and then finally I will list some potential replacements if that school does actually move on from their current head coach. Note that only coaches from the seven major conferences are listed on this hot seat list. Here are my 11 coaches that I think are currently on the hot seat. 

Danny Manning – Wake Forest

The Danny Manning Wake Forest era has been very disappointing thus far, as Manning has made only one NCAA Tournament, has yet to win an NCAA Tournament game, and right now Wake Forest is the worst team in the ACC. Wake Forest may not be on the same level as Duke and North Carolina but they have to be better than they are right now. Manning signed a big extension last November, so Wake Forest would have to eat up some salary but I think it is probably time for a change at the Head Coach if you are Wake Forest. 

Seat Level: Hot

Potential Replacements: Wes Miller, Nate Oats, Ryan Odom

Shaka Smart – Texas

When Shaka Smart came into Texas it seemed like an incredible fit for not only Shaka Smart but Texas as a whole but thus far it hasn’t been great. Texas has had some bad luck in the process, between blown leads in tournament games, injuries, and the cancer battle of Andrew Jones but at the end of the day it comes down to winning, which Smart isn’t doing enough. I still think Texas probably should give him another year to try to save his job but I do think there will be rumors of his dismissal after this season and he could end up being fired either following this season or next season if he doesn’t get this thing turned around. 

Seat Level: Warm

Potential Replacements: Buzz Williams, Steve Wojciechowski, Nate Oats, Will Wade

Archie Miller – Indiana

Less than two years ago Indiana hired Archie Miller as their head basketball coach and already the fan base is getting somewhat restless. This year was supposed to be perfect, they had the All-Big Ten level player, they had the Five-Star recruit, yet they are struggling to make the NCAA Tournament. Archie Miller is probably safe for another year at least but if he missed the tournament this year and next year, he could be let go by Indiana.

Seat Level: Just turning on the stove

Potential Replacements: Chris Beard, Kevin Keatts, Fred Hoiberg, Will Wade

Mark Turgeon – Maryland

The Maryland fanbase has been restless for a while now and while Maryland is doing well this season, coach Mark Turgeon’s job isn’t exactly safe. Maryland has disappointed before with some good players and while it looks like the Terrapins will be good enough to save his job for next year, one bad stretch or an early tournament exit, followed by a bad season next year could lead to a dismissal of Mark Turgeon. 

Seat Level: Warm

Potential Replacements: Nate Oats, Ryan Odom, Rick Pitino

Pat Chambers – Penn State

Penn State is terrible this year as they are 0-9 in Big Ten play and while Penn State is a football school, basketball is also something to be proud of and Pat Chambers isn’t making the program proud. Sure, he won the NIT last year but that shouldn’t be a job saver. Penn State has had talent in the past and yet they have not made an NCAA Tournament under Chambers. Chambers doesn’t look like he will turn this program around anytime soon and it is time for a change. 

Seat Level: On fire

Potential Replacements: Ryan Odom, John Becker, Keith Dambrot, Travis Ford

Tim Miles – Nebraska

Nebraska has a great fanbase and it is looking to win games and make the NCAA Tournament and while Tim Miles has done an okay job of doing these things at times, they haven’t made the NCAA Tournament since 2014 and Nebraska could want better. Sure, Nebraska can still make the tournament this year but that took a big hit after Isaac Copeland went down with an ACL Tear. Miles hasn’t brought in any great recruits in the future, I think it could be mutually beneficial if Miles is dismissed. 

Seat Level: Hot

Potential Replacements: Rick Pitino, Craig Smith, TJ Otzelberger

Chris Mullen – St. John’s

St. John’s has been less than spectacular in the past but things were supposed to change this year and for the most part, they were but right now St. John’s isn’t exactly an NCAA Tournament lock. I still think Mullen probably gets another year, as he has brought in some talent for the Red Storm on a yearly basis. That being said if they continue to struggle and they miss the NCAA Tournament with a team that probably is their most talented one in years, Mullen could be fired after this season. 

Seat Level: Warm

Potential Replacements: Rick Pitino, John Becker, Nate Oats, Joe Mihalich

Billy Kennedy – Texas A&M

The Aggies weren’t expected to be good this year and minor a couple of surprising wins, they haven’t been good. Kennedy has had some health concerns in the past as he has Parkinson’s disease, so it might be good for both sides if they do get rid of him. There are also rumors that Buzz Williams would be interested in the Texas A&M job if that did become available, so maybe they fire Kennedy to get Buzz Williams. 

Seat Level: Hot

Potential Replacements: Buzz Williams, Travis Ford, TJ Otzelberger

Murray Bartow – UCLA

I think we all know that Murray Bartow is being let go following this season so let’s not discuss his future dismissal, let’s talk candidates. I think the favorites fanbase-wise would include Fred Hoiberg and Rick Pitino. Chris Beard, Eric Musselman, and Kevin Keatts would also be good fits, while one notable alumni suggested Barack Obama. Anything is still an option at this point in the UCLA coaching search. 

Seat Level: On fire

Potential Replacements: Fred Hoiberg, Rick Pitino, Chris Beard, Eric Musselman, Kevin Keatts, Barack Obama

Andy Enfield – USC

Before the 2017-18 season, Andy Enfield had this program trending in the right direction and they looked to be a Top-10 team in the preseason, following a run to the Round of 32 in the previous season, however, things haven’t gone well since then. First, one of his assistants was listed in the FBI probe, that led to De’Anthony Melton not playing another game at USC. Then there was the missed tournament last year and they will likely miss it again this year. It might just be time for USC to move on from Enfield and look at someone else to take over with all this fog surrounding the program. 

Seat Level: Hot

Potential Replacements: Craig Smith, Randy Bennett, Paul Weir

Tim Jankovich – SMU

SMU had a good year following Larry Brown’s retirement but things just haven’t quite been the same with the SMU program and they are now falling into mediocrity. Tim Jankovich doesn’t seem like a bad coach but when the talent level drops and the team isn’t getting the same players they were getting, while the team isn’t winning at the rate they were they might consider moving on from Jankovich. I think they probably give Jankovich another year to save his job but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this job opens up in the next couple of seasons. 

Seat Level: Warm

Potential Replacements: David Padgett, T.J. Otzelberger, Grant McCasland

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