Picks for Best Games on Saturday, January 26th

Picks for Best Games on Saturday, January 26th

Today is the day of the SEC/ Big 12 Challenge, which means we are guaranteed ten good matchups between those two leagues. I will have picks for all those games, as well as all the other good matchups taking place throughout the day. I will be formatting this differently as I will feature the SEC/ Big 12 games at the top and the rest of the picks will be below those pick’s. 

SEC/ Big 12 Challenge Picks

Alabama at Baylor

Noon ET on ESPNU

Line: Baylor -3.5

Pick: Baylor

Against the Spread: No pick

Final Score Prediction: Baylor 67 Alabama 64

Why this pick? Baylor will tend to keep teams close even while potentially winning, I think the Bears win but even 3.5 points will be hard for them to cover. 

Iowa State at Ole Miss

Noon ET on ESPN

Line: Ole Miss -1

Pick: Iowa State

Against the Spread: Iowa State

Final Score Prediction: Iowa State 76 Ole Miss 60

Why this pick? The Rebels are starting to cool down as a team, Iowa State is a dominant team, I think the Cyclones win handily. 

Florida at TCU

Noon ET on ESPN2

Line: TCU -4

Pick: TCU

Against the Spread: TCU

Final Score Prediction: TCU 78 Florida 64

Why this pick? The Gators are hit or miss, TCU is more consistent, I think I will take TCU but I am not feeling confident about it. 

Texas at Georgia

2 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Texas -4.5

Pick: Texas

Against the Spread: Texas

Final Score Prediction: Texas 76 Georgia 64

Why this pick? This Texas team is starting to figure things out on the offensive side of the ball, now would be a good time to take the Longhorns. 

South Carolina at Oklahoma State


Line: Oklahoma State -3.5

Pick: South Carolina

Against the Spread: South Carolina 

Final Score Prediction: South Carolina 67 Oklahoma State 66

Why this pick? This one will be close but I think the Gamecocks will pull this one out. 

Kansas State at Texas A&M


Line: Kansas State -4.5

Pick: Kansas State

Against the Spread: Kansas State

Final Score Prediction: Kansas State 79 Texas A&M 60

Why this pick? Anyone picking Texas A&M should be checked to see if they have a concussion, Kansas State is a really easy pick here. 

Vanderbilt at Oklahoma

4 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Oklahoma -10

Pick: Oklahoma

Against the Spread: Vanderbilt

Final Score Prediction: Oklahoma 67 Vanderbilt 60

Why this pick? This Sooners team is better than Vanderbilt but they also don’t win games by more than 10. 

West Virginia at Tennessee


Line: Tennessee -16.5

Pick: Tennessee

Against the Spread: West Virginia

Final Score Prediction: Tennessee 71 West Virginia 59

Why this pick? The Volunteers aren’t playing their best basketball, now might be a good time to pick West Virginia to cover. 

Arkansas at Texas Tech

6 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Texas Tech -10

Pick: Texas Tech

Against the Spread: Arkansas

Final Score Prediction: Texas Tech 65 Arkansas 59

Why this pick? The Red Raiders don’t really blow teams out, this might be a game to pick a cover. 

Kansas at Kentucky


Line: Kentucky -6

Pick: Kentucky

Against the Spread: Kentucky

Final Score Prediction: Kentucky 73 Kansas 64

Why this pick? This is a matchup where I would pick whoever is playing at home, in this one Kentucky is so pick the Wildcats. 

SEC/ Big 12 Challenge Prediction: 7-3

Other Picks

Virginia at Notre Dame

1 PM ET on CBS

Line: Virginia -11.5

Pick: Virginia

Against the Spread: Virginia

Final Score Prediction: Virginia 73 Notre Dame 55

Why this pick? Virginia is just another class of team, they win this one handily. 

Marquette at Xavier

2 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

Line: Marquette -2.5

Pick: Marquette

Against the Spread: Marquette 

Final Score Prediction: Marquette 76 Xavier 65

Why this pick? The Golden Eagles will look to stay right with Villanova in the Big East race by winning this game. 

Washington at Oregon State

4 PM ET on the PAC-12 Network

Line: Oregon State -1.5

Pick: Washington

Against the Spread: Washington

Final Score Prediction: Washington 67 Oregon State 56

Why this pick? Tournament teams win these types of games, I think Washington is a tournament team. 

LSU at Missouri

6 PM ET on the SEC Network

Line: LSU -4.5

Pick: LSU

Against the Spread: LSU 

Final Score Prediction: LSU 78 Missouri 62

Why this pick? LSU is playing on another level right now, this seems like the smart pick. 

Syracuse at Virginia Tech


Line: Virginia Tech -5.5

Pick: Syracuse

Against the Spread: Syracuse 

Final Score Prediction: Syracuse 68 Virginia Tech 67

Why this pick? The Orange are playing too good right now to pick against them. 

Arizona State at USC

8 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: USC -2.5

Pick: Arizona State

Against the Spread: Arizona State

Final Score Prediction: Arizona State 85 USC 76

Why this pick? Both teams are playing well right now but I still think Arizona State is the better team right now. 

Auburn at Mississippi State

8:30 PM ET on the SEC Network

Line: Mississippi State -1.5

Pick: Mississippi State

Against the Spread: Mississippi State

Final Score Prediction: Mississippi State 76 Auburn 67 

Why this pick? The Tigers can’t win big games, this is a big game. Mississippi State should win this game. 

Yesterday’s Picks: 2-0

Year to date: 226-173-13

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