Picks for Best Games on Saturday, March 2nd

Picks for Best Games on Saturday, March 2nd

March is here and this is the first Saturday in March, meaning there are massive amounts of quality matchups to pick from. Whether looking for bubble games, to conference races, to seeding purposes, today’s games will have a huge impact on all those things. Promptly I have a bunch of against the spread picks for all of today’s biggest games. 

LSU at Alabama

Noon ET on ESPN

Line: LSU -1.5

Pick: LSU

Against the Spread: LSU

Final Score Prediction: LSU 74 Alabama 69

Why this pick? This game could go either way but I think picking the team that is winning their games comfortably is a good decision. 

NC State at Florida State

Noon ET on ESPN2

Line: Florida State -6.5

Pick: Florida State

Against the Spread: Florida State

Final Score Prediction: Florida State 76 NC State 56

Why this pick? The Seminoles are always good at home, NC State doesn’t show up a lot of times, the smart pick I think is Florida state.

Michigan State at Indiana 

Noon ET on FOX

Line: Michigan State -6

Pick: Michigan State

Against the Spread: Michigan State

Final Score Prediction: Michigan State 78 Indiana 65

Why this pick? The Spartans lost at home to Indiana last month, I think they get their revenge in this game. 

Ole Miss at Arkansas

1 PM ET on the SEC Network

Line: Arkansas -1

Pick: Arkansas 

Against the Spread: Arkansas

Final Score Prediction: Arkansas 76 Ole Miss 67

Why this pick? I think coming off a tough loss to Tennessee, the Rebels might have a letdown game in this one. 

Kentucky at Tennessee

2 PM ET on CBS

Line: Tennessee -2.5

Pick: Tennessee 

Against the Spread: Tennessee

Final Score Prediction: Tennessee 78 Kentucky 65

Why this pick? I think Tennessee will have some extra motivation after the last Kentucky game and they will beat the Wildcats by double digits. 

Ohio State at Purdue


Line: Purdue -12

Pick: Purdue

Against the Spread: Purdue

Final Score Prediction: Purdue 76 Ohio State 56

Why this pick? Without their big man inside, the Buckeyes should struggle and fall big. 

Wofford at Samford

2 PM ET on ESPN+

Line: Wofford -9

Pick: Wofford

Against the Spread: Wofford 

Final Score Prediction: Wofford 89 Samford 64

Why this pick? Wofford completes a perfect conference record by beating Samford handily. 

Butler at Villanova

2 PM ET on FOX

Line: Villanova -7.5

Pick: Villanova

Against the Spread: Villanova

Final Score Prediction: Villanova

Why this pick? The Wildcats might be in a slump right now but the last thing I want to do is pick them to lose in Philly. 

Iowa State at Texas

2 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Iowa State -1

Pick: Texas

Against the Spread: Texas

Final Score Prediction: Texas 73 Iowa State 68

Why this pick? The Longhorns desperately need a big win, I think they get it in this game. 

Texas Tech at TCU

4 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Texas Tech -3.5

Pick: TCU

Against the Spread: TCU

Final Score Prediction: TCU 76 Texas Tech 70

Why this pick? This is about the point in the season where Big 12 teams fall off and Kansas wins the Big 12 again. 

Mississippi State at Auburn


Line: Auburn -5

Pick: Mississippi State

Against the Spread: Mississippi State

Final Score Prediction: Mississippi State 75 Auburn 71

Why this pick? Auburn hasn’t won a game this season that at the time of the game was a Quadrant one opponent, that stays the same in this game.

UCF at Houston


Line: Houston -7.5

Pick: Houston

Against the Spread: UCF

Final Score Prediction: Houston 62 UCF 56

Why this pick? First one to 60 wins, I think Houston gets there first but they don’t win by eight. 

North Carolina at Clemson


Line: North Carolina -4

Pick: North Carolina

Against the Spread: North Carolina

Final Score Prediction: North Carolina 78 Clemson 70

Why this pick? Clemson could really use a win in this one to get an at-large bid, I don’t see it happening though. 

Seton Hall at Georgetown 

6:30 PM ET on CBS Sports Network

Line: Georgetown -2

Pick: Georgetown

Against the Spread: Georgetown 

Final Score Prediction: Georgetown 76 Seton Hall 70

Why this pick? Mac McClung and the Hoyas win this one at home, it would be a different story in a different venue. 

Baylor at Kansas State

8 PM ET on ESPN2

Line: Kansas State -6

Pick: Kansas State

Against the Spread: Kansas State

Final Score Prediction: Kansas State 78 Baylor 67

Why this pick? Kansas state seems to have Baylor’s number in recent years, I’ll look for that to continue in this one. 

Nevada at Utah State

8:30 PM ET on CBS Sports Network

Line: Nevada -1.5

Pick: Nevada

Against the Spread: Nevada

Final Score Prediction: Nevada 74 Utah State 68

Why this pick? This is a big game, one of these teams is used to those, the other isn’t. 

St. Mary’s at Gonzaga

10 PM ET on ESPN

Line: Gonzaga -9.5

Pick: Gonzaga

Against the Spread: Gonzaga 

Final Score Prediction: Gonzaga 93 St. Mary’s 68

Why this pick? The Bulldogs have won by 20 in this gym when they haven’t been this good, taking them here seems like an easy pick. 

Yesterday’s Picks: 3-2

Year to date: 324-268-14

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