Picks for Best Games on Thursday, March 21st

Picks for Best Games on Thursday, March 21st

While the First Four is nice, the real NCAA Tournament starts today with the Thursday games, which promise to be wild, crazy and full of upsets. I’m sure many of you will be making sure to watch all of this as I will be, so if you are wanting to tune in for a live blog to follow along, that will be going on here at MakingtheMadness.com. Until then, I will leave you with my against the spread picks for all of today’s NCAA Tournament games. 

Minnesota vs. Louisville

12:15 PM ET on CBS

Line: Louisville -5

Pick: Louisville

Against the Spread: Louisville

Final Score Prediction: Louisville 72 Minnesota 63

Why this pick? The coaching matchup heavily favors Louisville, I think they should win this game. 

Yale vs. LSU

12:40 PM ET on TruTV

Line: LSU -7.5

Pick: LSU

Against the Spread: LSU

Final Score Prediction: LSU 88 Yale 72

Why this pick? I know this will be a trendy upset pick but I’ll take LSU to at least win this game. 

New Mexico State vs. Auburn

1:30 PM ET on TNT

Line: Auburn -5.5

Pick: Auburn

Against the Spread: Auburn

Final Score Prediction: Auburn 78 New Mexico State 66

Why this pick? I think the Tigers end up just running away from the Aggies, too much shooting. 

Vermont vs. Florida State

2 PM ET on TBS

Line: Florida State -9

Pick: Florida State

Against the Spread: Vermont 

Final Score Prediction: Florida State 62 Vermont 56

Why this pick? This will be a low-scoring grind it out game, I’ll take the points for Vermont. 

Bradley vs. Michigan State

2:45 PM ET on CBS

Line: Michigan State -18.5

Pick: Michigan State

Against the Spread: Michigan State

Final Score Prediction: Michigan State 83 Bradley 57

Why this pick? I don’t think the Spartans mess around, I’ll take them in this one. 

Belmont vs. Maryland

3:10 PM ET on TruTV

Line: Maryland -3

Pick: Belmont

Against the Spread: Belmont

Final Score Prediction: Belmont 79 Maryland 73

Why this pick? I don’t like this matchup for Maryland, Rick Byrd’s offense is great. Plus a play-in winner has always won a game in the First Round. 

Northeastern vs. Kansas

4 PM ET on TNT

Line: Kansas -6.5

Pick: Kansas

Against the Spread: Northeastern 

Final Score Prediction: Kansas 67 Northeastern 64

Why this pick? This will be a survive and advance game for the Jayhawks, they win but not by much. 

Murray State vs. Marquette

4:30 PM ET on TBS

Line: Marquette -3.5

Pick: Murray State

Against the Spread: Murray State 

Final Score Prediction: Murray State 72 Marquette 65

Why this pick? Marquette hasn’t been good as of late, I’ll take an energized Murray State to win this one. 

Florida vs. Nevada

6:30 PM ET on TNT

Line: Nevada -2.5

Pick: Florida

Against the Spread: Florida

Final Score Prediction: Florida 76 Nevada 72

Why this pick? If you can’t beat San Diego State, you probably won’t beat Florida either, give me the Gators. 

Abilene Christian vs. Kentucky

7:10 PM ET on CBS

Line: Kentucky -22

Pick: Kentucky

Against the Spread: Abilene Christian 

Final Score Prediction: Kentucky 74 Abilene Christian 60

Why this pick? I assume PJ Washington won’t be in action, I don’t like Kentucky to win by 23 without him in the lineup. 

St. Mary’s vs. Villanova

7:20 PM ET on TBS

Line: Villanova -4.5

Pick: Villanova

Against the Spread: Villanova

Final Score Prediction: Villanova 66 St. Mary’s 55

Why this pick? Villanova will get the tempo how they want it, plus their experience should prevail late. 

Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Gonzaga

7:27 PM ET on TruTV

Line: Gonzaga -27.5

Pick: Gonzaga

Against the Spread: Gonzaga

Final Score Prediction: Gonzaga 76 Fairleigh Dickinson 46

Why this pick? Gonzaga has been winning games by 30 all year long, this should continue here. 

Montana vs. Michigan

9:20 PM ET on TNT

Line: Michigan -15

Pick: Michigan

Against the Spread: Montana

Final Score Prediction: Michigan 66 Montana 53

Why this pick? Will Michigan lock down Montana? Yes but they won’t score enough to win by 16. 

Seton Hall vs. Wofford

9:40 PM ET on CBS

Line: Wofford -2.5

Pick: Wofford

Against the Spread: Wofford

Final Score Prediction: Wofford 73 Seton Hall 66

Why this pick? This will be a slow tempo game but I think the team with better playmakers wins this game. 

Old Dominion vs. Purdue

9:50 PM ET on TBS

Line: Purdue -12.5

Pick: Purdue

Against the Spread: Old Dominion

Final Score Prediction: Purdue 66 Old Dominion 58

Why this pick? The Boilermakers haven’t played great as of late, I’ll take the points with an inspired Old Dominion team. 

Baylor vs. Syracuse

9:57 PM ET on TruTV

Line: Syracuse -1.5

Pick: Syracuse

Against the Spread: Syracuse

Final Score Prediction: Syracuse 65 Baylor 60

Why this pick? Death. Taxes. Jim Boeheim in the NCAA Tournament. 

Yesterday’s Picks: 1-1

Year to date: 395-330-17 

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