Bracketology: Early Upsets shape Saturday

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner

Updated January 13th, 2018

South Region (Louisville)East Region (Washington DC)
1.Michigan (Columbus)1.Duke (Columbia)
16.IPFW16.Northern Colorado/ CSU Bakersfield
8.Mississippi State8.LSU
4.Florida State (Jacksonville)4.Oklahoma (Salt Lake City)
12.Murray State12.North Texas
3.Marquette (Salt Lake City)3.Houston (Des Moines)
14.Georgia State14.Hofstra
6.Nevada6.Ole Miss
11.Arizona/ UCF11.Syracuse/ Butler 
2.Texas Tech (Tulsa)2.Michigan State (Hartford)
15.Abilene Christian15.Lehigh
7.Auburn7.St. John’s
West Region (Anaheim)Midwest Region (Kansas City)
1.Tennessee (Columbia)1.Virginia (Columbus)
16.Norfolk State/ Robert Morris16.Rider
9.Seton Hall9.Kansas State
4.North Carolina (Salt Lake City)4.Maryland (San Jose)
13.Radford13.UC Irvine
5.Villanova5.Iowa State
12.St. Louis12.Washington
3.Virginia Tech (Hartford)3.Kentucky (Tulsa)
14.Vermont14.Northern Kentucky
6.Indiana6.NC State
11.Wofford11.Ohio State
2.Gonzaga (San Jose)2.Kansas (Des Moines)
15.Texas Southern15.Valparaiso

First Four Out: Alabama, Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma State

The Next Five: Arizona State, Utah State, Vanderbilt, San Francisco, Pittsburgh

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