Bracketology: Gael Force Comeback

Bracketology By Jonathon Warriner

Updated November 13th, 2023

Midwest Region (Detroit) West Region (Los Angeles)South Region (Dallas)East Region (Boston)
1.Tennessee (#1 Overall)1.Arizona (#2 Overall)1.Kansas (#3 Overall)1.Purdue (#4 Overall)
16.Little Rock/ Southern16.McNeese State/ Wagner16.Portland State16.Howard
8.Iowa State8.Northwestern 8.Colorado8.Virginia
9.Indiana9.Clemson9.Michigan State9.Providence
4.North Carolina4.Texas4.Arkansas4.Houston
13.Grand Canyon13.Liberty13.Bowling Green13.Oakland
3.Baylor3.Texas A&M3.Marquette3.Duke
14.Radford14.Vermont14.Florida Gulf Coast14.St. Peter’s
6.Miami6.Villanova6.Mississippi State6.Florida Atlantic
11.Oregon/ Xavier11.Kansas State/ St. Mary’s11.San Diego State11.James Madison
2.Creighton2.Illinois2.USC 2.UConn
15.South Dakota15.Colgate15.UC Irvine15.Monmouth
7.Wisconsin7.Texas Tech7.TCU7.Memphis
10.Auburn10.St. John’s10.Nebraska10.UCLA

NIT One Seeds: Michigan, Florida, Ohio State, Iowa

The Next Five: NC State, New Mexico, Ole Miss, Seton Hall, Oklahoma

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