Bracketology: Surprising results in the Garden

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner

Updated November 16th, 2018

East Region (Washington DC) Midwest Region (Kansas City)
1.Duke (Columbia) 1.Kansas (Des Moines)
16.Texas Southern/ UNC Central 16.Stephen F. Austin
8.Ohio State 8.Florida
9.Iowa State 9.St. John’s
4.Villanova (Hartford) 4.Michigan State (Hartford)
13.Radford 13.UNC Greensboro
5.Uconn 5.NC State
12.Northeastern 12.Davidson
3.Indiana (Des Moines) 3.Tennessee (Tulsa)
14.Vermont 14.Harvard
6.Texas 6.Nebraska
11.Louisville 11.Arizona/ Memphis
2.Auburn (Jacksonville) 2.Florida State (Jacksonville)
15.New Mexico State 15.Georgia State
7.Syracuse 7.Butler
10.Washington 10.West Virginia
West Region (Anaheim) South Region (Louisville)
1.Nevada (Salt Lake City) 1.Michigan (Columbus)
16.Cal State Fullerton 16.Colgate/ St. Francis (PA)
8.Oregon 8.Marquette
9.Texas Tech 9.Iowa
4.LSU (Seattle) 4.Kentucky (Salt Lake City)
13.Southern Illinois 13.Murray State
5.Wisconsin 5.Virginia Tech
12.South Dakota State 12.Western Kentucky
3.Virginia (Columbus) 3.Kansas State (Tulsa)
14.Rider 14.Lipscomb
6.Purdue 6.Mississippi State
11.Georgetown 11.Minnesota/ USC
2.Gonzaga (Seattle) 2.North Carolina (Columbia)
15.Montana 15.Wright State
7.Clemson 7.Buffalo
10.TCU 10.Vanderbilt

First Four Out: Miami, UCLA, Houston, Xavier

The Next Five: Cincinnati, Temple, Maryland, Alabama, DePaul

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4 thoughts on “Bracketology: Surprising results in the Garden”

    1. I evaluate based on who you beat, if you beat good teams you move up, if not you stay the same seedline. They were projected at two at the beginning of the year, they haven’t beaten anyone good, therefore they remain a two seed.

  1. Iowa as a 9 seed?? They just handled both UConn (4) and Oregon (8). Maybe Iowa should be the 4 seed? This is a very balanced team. Keep sleeping on the Hawkeyes.

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